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    Good news: Government has reduced GST on more than hundred items

    After the latest meeting of the GST Council, we have received a pleasant surprise. The Government has reduced GST on more than a hundred items which are commonly used by common people. 0% tax has been levied on sanitary napkins, fortified milk, rakhis (without gold or silver), stone idols, marble, wood, materials for broomstick, etc.

    Not only that, the GST has been reduced on refrigerators, washing machines, juicers, perfumes, television sets, etc. from 28% to 18%. The GST in fuel cell vehicles has been reduced from 28% to 12% only.

    Although some people are saying that this announcement is a pre-poll sop by the Government, the common people will be very happy by the reduction of GST on these common people's items.
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    This is a welcome move by the Government.

    I expect 300 -400 points jump in the SENSEX tomorrow. Consumer durable segment may perform well. The reduction in GST boosts demand. As festival season approaching white goods manufacturing companies perform well in the market.

    So, market maniacs, take cue from here!

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    The other day the Finance Minister Arun Jaitely said that government wants to reach out to honest tax payer and would be firm on the evaders. And after winning the no confidence motion, the Modi government is now on the job of consolidating their present votes and seeking new pastures from across the country and the reduction of GST on 100 items drastically proves to be the advantage BJP as the preparations for the 2019 elections has already began. Now that the Congress has been disgraced in the Parliament, Modi government does not want to waste time and hence this great announcement.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Let's welcome this move by the present NDA government & certainly preparation has already begun with the no confidence motion & this GST reduction will favor the further consequences. I agree with Mr. Neeraj that SENSEX should come u with some magic figures during the coming times.

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    This is a very good move from the government. Whatever may be the reason for this. The common man will get benefitted. Many items are into 0% GST grade. On many other items, the percentage has come down. Any government will always try to be in ruling as long as possible and for that, they try all the ways and means. In a way, the no-confidence motion helped the government and this reduction in GST will also have a positive response. Definitely, the chances for BJP will increase with this move. I also feel Sensex will also have a growing trend now. Modi got benefitted with the way Rahul Gandhi behaved in the parliament during the no-confidence motion discussion and the government has utilised the occasion to get the advantage.
    I am expecting some more such moves from the government which will help the people and they will get attracted towards their party. I wish they should also do something about reducing the income tax for the middle-class people so that many of the employees will also go with BJP.

    always confident

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    From other social media sites, I find that many ladies have welcomed the reduction of GST on sanitary napkins.

    Many people are overall happy with the reduction of GST from consumer goods.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    If the tax reduction happens in regards to salaries or pay outs,it will be more helpful. Then we can buy more necessary stuffs. Is the government doing anything about relieving the pain of working people whose part of hard earned money goes to government in the form of heavy tax?The middle man depends so much on salary. The heavy tax takes away his independence to spend more for his needs,basic or for luxuries.

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    The items on which GST has been reduced would definitely help lower class and middle-class people. If found necessary, tax reforms may be discussed in a separate thread.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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