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    How can i get money paid for my arcticle

    how can i get paid for the article that i have posted just now
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    Pushkar Kumar,

    Welcome to ISC! Money for articles is given through what is called cash credits (cc in short). These cash credits are assigned along with points by an editor who reviews the article when it comes in the queue of edits. Once the cash credits are given, these are automatically added to the member's profile account. All the accumulated cash credits then may reach the minimum payout level for the month. If this is so and the member is eligible for payment, he/she then has to send an invoice and the payment is credited to the member's bank account directly by a Webmaster.

    The article which you have submitted is not acceptable in its current form. Note that it is advisable to read all content posting guidelines to submit an article before writing & submitting one. An article should also be presented well in proper paragraphs with headings. An appropriate title and summary is also required for every article. I would suggest that you see other articles to understand how an article is to be submitted. Learn some useful writing tips here.

    It would be good, though, before venturing into writing articles, to familiarize yourself with our site, go through Help Topics and participate in forum discussions to work on English and writing skills.

    For any guidance, please post your query in a forum thread & fellow members and editors will be happy to help. Learn and earn! Looking forward to your quality contributions in various sections.

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    Warm welcome to Pushkar Kumar to this site. It is a educational site of par excellence catering to the needs and aspirations of the students community and here the contents what ever is raised and written must be of our own and no copy pasting activities are encouraged or allowed. Write a article means it should have good heading, apt summary, carry the detailed body content commensurate with the heading and lastly your own observation of creating such article. Once that is submitted, our editors would review the same for grammatical errors, spell mistakes, meanings and above all not published already in other site. After verifying such facts and also the content must be fitting in to the posting guidelines and other relevant rules of this site, and the article is finally approved after making sure it adheres to the principles of this site. Then cash credits and points are allotted.
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