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    Friendships are like fiction books

    Books are our friends, our companions with whom we can have many a lovely, pleasant moment. Just like we get engrossed in the story which unfolds over the pages, so also our friendships get us deeply involved. When reading, we get absorbed with what is happening with the characters. We feel what they feel – joy, sorrow, angst. We are introduced to the main character's family. In friendships, too, this happens when friends share their experiences and we learn about their families. We join in, to feel happy to celebrate a success, to get teary-eyed when we know of the loss of a loved one, to enjoy a travel experience...

    There are different genres of fiction as well. Some light, simple stories; others, mysteries. Mysteries are my favourite. It is exciting stuff, eagerly awaiting the next twist in the plot, an introduction of some unexpected feature, some strange happening, perhaps. A friendship can be like that, an exciting mystery! It may turn out to be such a thriller that, somewhere along the way, you may even lose the plot and not even understand what may be obvious. It is like in your analysis of the murder or burglary, wherein you wonder - how come you could not guess when it was so crystal clear?!

    This thread is dedicated to all the wonderful friendships in my life - even those where I seem to have lost the plot!!
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    Interesting fact & well comparison in between the friends & the books. Often when I am alone, I would like to go through few of the novels but at the same time this also gives you a good insight about your life making you feel to be with a good companion. As the true friends are God gifted & so in the same way, you can too go for the books of your choice which may provide you with the good equipment making you feel great.

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    A real friend is like a book. I agree and the comparison is good. A book when we read make is wise. The book will teach us some good lessons. Same friends also make us wise and we can learn many things from our books. I read many books out of which are some fiction books.
    As we go through the book we can understand the book better and the characters in the book will become more familiar to us. In the same as our friendship increase, understanding each other will be better.

    always confident

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    Well the author gone her own way to compare the friendship with that of fiction books. Fictions books are made and created by a author out of his mind and thoughts, whereas good friends are created and carried on purely based on our behavior with them which would have deep impact in their heart. One yearns for a good friendship for the various reasons like from our end as, personality cult, behavioral pattern, sharing the things without hesitation and understanding the other persons with our own experience and moves. And those who have become friends has the firm base and they wont get separated even they part ways for silly reasons. Such is the greatness of friendship. Moreover some people wants to create the friendship in to a permanent relations and thus even marriage proposals are fixed to have continued patronage between them.
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    You know a person's personality before you choose to be friends with them. Becoming a friend is more than sharing happy and sad moments and being part of their journey.

    You know if your friend is honest. You know if they are caring and appreciative. You recognise their talent, habits and nature. You know if they are frank and straightforward. You also know if they are blunt and speak without mincing their words. You know if they carry a grudge or move on. You know if they 'gossip' or not.

    There is so much you know about a person who becomes your friend. And if you don't recognise these personality traits then there is something missing in the friendship.

    Look at the times when you lost it; did you feel cheated because you had established your own expectations? Did your friend treat you any different from their normal attitude? Do they always behave in the same manner or did they single you out? If you have answers to these questions, you'll understand your friend better. These are all general questions, not aimed at you.

    However, here is a question for you - Do you slacken the rules or change your behaviour for a friend or do you treat them like you do everyone else, without compromising on your principles? I think you'll say there is no room for partiality or preferences.

    If you cannot change who you are, then is it just to expect a friend to change who they are? Why not accept them for who they are!

    If friendship is like a book, I see it as a book on facts – a Ripley's Believe it or not. You enjoy the facts, you love some, you detest some, but you keep reading and remain connected with the book.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    A touching thread as Friend and friendship has a very special place in my life. I spent 15 years in the hostel only and that too from the very young age. I was very much homesick and those are my friends who played an important role to make my hostel life a fun-filled stay.
    We did a lot of things together including, eating, sharing, caring, laughing and even crying many times. Whenever any of us was in trouble, the pain was same for all of us.
    I am really grateful to have such friends and even after leaving my hostel after our Master's, we are still in touch the same way we were.
    The comparison made is truly the same in a way that we should accept the person the way he or she is, just like we cannot change the story of the book in-between.

    It is always better to accept than to expect and it is true in friendships also.


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    Books are written by the authors with a plot in the mind and that plot comes from the real happenings in the society around us. Good writers can depict everything as if it is happening in front of us. These books have their own music and own magic to engage the readers for a long long time. The perfect presentation of human moods and attributes makes a book memorable and people keep it with them as a life long possession. Through the journey of reading a book we encounter all sort of elements like love, affection, caring, sacrifice, hate, betrayal, revenge, killings and even murders.

    Friendship is something similar where we encounter many twists and turns during its development and many times it is pleasurable and to be adorned while sometimes it breaks to create sadness and melancholy in the life. The plots of books are fictional and the events in friendship are real still there are many similarities and correlations between the two.

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    Friendships are literally like books, as we mature from a child to an adult and so on, we also move from short stories and comics to big novels, so does our circle of friends.

    I think friendships undergo a similar change. As children, the best friends as someone who shares chocolates or toys gives us a big birthday gift. As we grow, the nature and meaning of friendship also change. We meet people and make many friends, some for the sake of our profession and social circles, some we keep at an arm's distance and few we keep close to our hearts.

    Our judgment on friends is far from perfect, but they make our day and give the support that we sometimes do not get from our families because we are viewed as adults and hence should be able to handle ourselves.

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