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    Are Sintex tanks safe for storing drinking water?

    Several municipalities and Panchayats have installed Sintex tanks for storing drinking water. The public patiently wait and take water whenever these tanks are full. Of course, not every one uses such water. Many use their own ground water, pumped through electric motors, and with bore well connection.

    The question is: how safe are these tanks? These tanks do not seem to every cleaned. They seemed to be used for months together. How does one get to clean them? If they are to be cleaned, what is the frequency?

    Members who know the scientific details may please respond. This question was raised in a local area, and we do not have any single person to guide us properly. The wise men do not want to give their opinion at all. Please do tell us what to do, based on your experience. Of course, I live in a totally different gated community and have RO water set up in my residence. So, this is for the community in a nearby area.
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    As far as I know, there is no problem in using Sintex tanks. There is no reaction between water and sintex. So storing the water in these tanks is of no problem.
    But cleaning of storage tanks is very important irrespective of the material of construction. Cleaning of these tanks once in a while is a must. The method of cleaning depends on the material of construction. Sintex tanks can be cleaned once in at least one month. The tanks are to be emptied and wash the inner surface with plenty of water inside the tank is the best way. Finally, wipe the inner walls of the tank with a cloth dipped in drinking water.
    Generally, adding a little potassium permanganate to the tank while usage will avoid the formation of fungus.
    But without adding any chemical washing at regular intervals is the best way to adopt.

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    Overhead water tanks, in my residential complex, are also Sintex tanks. We too get groundwater supply, but the water is treated before it is pumped into the tanks.

    We receive three types of water, one for domestic use which we get in all the bathrooms and in the annexe in the kitchen. This is purified (RO), but not suitable for drinking/cooking. The kitchen/drinking water, which goes through thorough filtration and purification (RO) before it is made available to residents and flush water, which is STP water.

    Despite filtration and treatment all the water available to us is brackish and causes salt to deposit in the water tanks, pipes and the tap filters. Therefore, the tanks are cleaned every 6-8 months, with prior notice.

    Also, water samples are sent regularly for testing to the Directorate of Public Health & Preventive Medicine – Chief Water Analyst's Laboratory, Kings Institute, Guindy. The lab gives a comprehensive report on the quality of the water, based on which the treatment process is modified, when required.

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    I also use the Syntex tank at my residence. The drinking water used by our family is again purified by RO system before keeping it in the container. Till now, I have not received any complaint against the quality of Syntex tank.
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    There are two types of tanks available with Sintex. One is the community water supply tanks which are having bigger storage capacity and other is the pure water supplying tank. The black tanks what we are seeing having installed in the entrance of some villages and colonies are suitable for washing and bathing and not for drinking as there is no insulin white layer provided inside and thus there is every possibility of fungus getting accumulated in due course due to constant water presence. Where as they have the white tank which is solely made for the drinking water purpose but that is not installed elsewhere as it costs more.
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    Members, thanks a lot for your suggestions. Since the facility has been provided by the quasi Government body, I guess I will have to approach them to do the testing and also the cleaning. Thanks for all the useful information. Neeraj Sir, thanks a million in particular. Rao Sir, shall ask them to clean it at least once a while, as suggested by you with clean water.

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