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    Do you have no conductor buses on longer routes in your State?

    On certain "point to point" routes, the Tamil Nadu State Government is experimenting with a method to do away with conductors. The conductor collects the entire amount before the bus departs and the bus goes from Point A to Point B. It is still unclear if the driver is empowered to take in passengers in some local stops and issue the tickets by himself, if the bus is having empty seats. These "no conductor"buses have been introduced in the ever busy Coimbatore to Salem bus route, a journey of around 170 kilometers which normally takes 3 hours by express buses, called the point to point buses.

    While this is a superb step to cut costs, the question is whether it will be extended to other routes. What is the experience in other States? How does this work?
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    I have heard that in the USA, there is no conductor in buses. The passengers purchase tickets from a machine without fail and only the driver is the employee of the company running the buses. In India, such a system will take a long time to arrive because ticketless traveling is rampant in both short-distance and long-distance routes.
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    In APSRTC and TSRTC there are buses where there is no separate conductor. The driver only will issue the tickets. Mainly long route buses are there like this. But they are not from point to point. They will stop in some major places. There the tickets will be issued by the driver before the bus starts from there.
    As far as I know, there are no buses in India where the ticket vending machines are installed in the bus. I don't think that will be introduced in India.
    All private buses which will run long routes are also conductorless. No tickets will be issued on the bus. All the tickets will be by advance booking and there will be two drivers. One driver will check the tickets initially and once it is out of the city, there is no further ticket issuing.

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    A decade back, I travelled from Salem to Coimbatore by a conductor less bus. A person issues ticket at the entrance to the bus. The bus had only one door used for entry and exit in the front. When the seats are full, the driver moves the bus without the conductor. It is a good system to follow in point to point, no stop services.
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    Yes we too have "one man service" which indicates that the driver is the conductor and does the twin jobs. Since most of the buses operated for the long distance, the passengers who board are for long distance travels, The driver issues the ticket before hand and the then starts the vehicle. But the problem comes when passengers stop the bus in between and board to which he has to stop the bus and issue tickets and if the right change is not given the delay takes place. More over the driver has to keep the tickets and cash bag with him even if he has to answer the nature call. So it is really challenging to run one man service.
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    Yes, in A.P. and Telangana, the long distance busses and non-stop buses for short distances have no conductors. Bus driver only issue the tickets.

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