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    Can one be a good orator without theatrics?

    Oratory is a special skill. I don't have any oratorial skill. I can't speak in presence of people. But I have seen many people do enjoy talking in front of others. They are not necessarily politicians. They can change the modulation of their voice at will, they can establish eye-contacts with the audience. They can laugh while speaking, they can make people cry while they speak. Mark Anthony's speech as written by Shakespeare is a perfect example. The dramatization by Late Utpal Dutt is unforgettable.

    In this connection, I would like to know whether oratorial skill can be devoid of theatrics. Can anyone make the audience spellbound without resorting to theatrics? Feeling curious to know.
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    My father is a poet. His voice is very nice. He recites poems excellently. He doesn't even require a mike. Such is his voice. Once in a meeting, he recited the poems and immediately a great poet in the meeting stood up and gave a standing ovation. He has given him a title on the spot as " Sukavikokila" which means a good poet with a voice like a Kokila (Cuckoo).
    Many of his works were published and a book was prescribed for graduates. He used to mesmerise people with his way of talking. His programmes were telecasted and broadcasted on TV and Radio. Like that, I know many people who are having very good oratory skills. Even today at the age of 85 years given a chance he will make the listeners spellbound with his skill of talking.

    always confident

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    But can we become good orator without resorting to theatrics? Dr. Rao's response doesn't give a clear reply. What do the other Members feel?
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    Yes, sir , I do believe that we can be good orators without the use of theatrics or artifice. I would like to believe that I love public speaking and have taken part in various activities in the past which required me to engage with a good number of people in the audience. If you are genuinely interested in the topic of discussion and engage with the audience in an honest way then there is no need for any antics as such. In my experience, sincerity and good humor along with a good intention shine through and your success is reflected in how people perceive you and respond.

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    Thanks, Ms. Dipti for your opinion. Kindly give some examples of people who are good orators but avoid theatrics during their public speeches.
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    I believe Mr. Shashi Tharoor is one such eloquent speaker who is well respected for his diction and sophisticated approach to public speaking. His speech in Britain has been praised by one and all including our very verbose PM Mr. Modi

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    Oratory skill is such a gifted habit for some through which they can cast a spell on opposite persons to such great extent that they yearn to listen to him or her again and again. I would rate former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee as the best oratory skilled person ever seen in my life. Be it English or chaste Hindi, he could speak on any topic or issues for hours much to the interest of the audience and with hearing raptly. In those days the BJP was called Jan Sangh and he was the only person used to get elected to the Parliament and naturally Congress was having upper hand in every issues which irks Vajpayee and seeks debate on every issue. And we must know that Vajpayee is the most respected even by the Congress leaders and gave him chance to speak often and used to enjoy his rhetoric style with punching words.
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    Mr. Mohan: What I want to discuss here is little bit different.

    Ms. Dipti: If he speaks, he is 'verbose'. If he doesn't, he is 'silent'. He will have to be criticized.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    A good orator will have to use his voice, eyes and hands and will have to rely on certain gestures and modulations to keep the audience engaged. But does he have to resort to theatrics? I don't think so. The idea of an orator should be to keep the communication with the audience clear while at the same time keeping them glued to what he is saying. But should he relegate himself to be a performer? No, again, would be the answer. He is there to communicate his views and ideas and not to entertain the audience. There is a difference.
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    If a orator has to use his body language and convey his best, then I regard Prime Minister Narender Modi, who has created a niche for himself with whole some gestures.
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    PM Modi cannot be criticized at least for his excellent oratory skills. I just meant he speaks quite a lot compared to what we are used to expecting from any leader of stature

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