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    The new everything in a new phase of life

    The new job, the new place, the new everything. This is what I am experiencing right now. I joined my new job in the IT capital, 'Namma Bangalore' leaving all my friends and family back at my home town. Successfully finished the first month of my new life here. Like every other job seeker I came here with lots of expectations and dreams. When I came here everything is new for me; new office, new work, new colleagues and no friends to spend the free time. This is the first stage of my life in Bangalore. I am habituated to do anything with my friends. I don't have the habit of doing anything alone, even having Panipuri. slowly I am learning to shed some of my old traits and getting ready to try new things all ALONE. A month passed, still I didn't explore the area I reside at and work at. Many of you might have experienced the same when you left your home and went to some new place to build your own new home. Once my friend told me 'being alone introduces you to yourself.' yes this is what happened with me since I came to Bangalore. How many of you found yourself like this? Share your experiences and let me join your club.
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    Welcome back, Ms. Aswini! You have vividly described your experience of joining a new position in a new city. Everybody has gone through the same phase. When I joined my first job straight from the University, I also had a similar experience. Later when I came I came to Delhi, I had to adjust myself to the new environment among the new people speaking a different language. Slowly but surely, everything has settled.
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    First of congrats for your new job, leading new way of life and of course without friends. What I feel that you must get accustomed to lonely living. Because this also gives you peace of mind, ample time for other works and no complaints or gossips. If you have friends and well wishers around you, the time would be wasted, works would remain pending and above all new challenges and problems. When you lead a lonely life, you can explore new thinking process, given more time at the office, have some creative mind thinking and also some small innovations possible. So continue.
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    When we born we are new to this world. Slowly we will get acquainted with family members and learn everything from them. Slowly as we grow up we will get introduced to the society and other people in the society. We will slowly get accustomed to that and we will make friends with people we like. This is the course we follow.
    Again the same thing will happen when we go to a new place and start our life there. Initially, we will feel aloof and slowly try to adjust ourselves to the new environ. Slowly in the new work and living area, we will get friends. Some of them will become close friends.
    I had my studies in Visakhapatnam and I started my career there. Then I shifted my job from Vizag to another place. There I felt lonely as my family also not came with me and they shifted later. One month I spend the time alone. Slowly I have made friends there also.

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