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    Kerala, again become the best governed State in the country.

    Public Affairs Index 2018, released by the think tank, Public Affairs Centre, Bangalore shows that Kerala is in the first position among the larger States. This is the third time Kerala gains this status, consecutively. Through a data based framework ranking the States on social and economic development data collected. Founded in 1994 by the renowned Indian economist and scholar, late Samuel Paul, working to mobilise a demand for better governance in the country.
    Tamil Nadu, Telengana, Karnataka and Gujarat follow Kerala in top five. Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Bihar are in the bottom. Data from these States show higher social and economic inequalities.
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    Good to note that Public Affairs Centre, Bangalore had adjudged Kerala state as the best governed state followed by Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka and Gujarat . But I have my own apprehension. In the recent floods, the rehabilitation and attention of the government of preparedness to pre monsoon was the failure. And coming to the second rank for Tamil Nadu, I am really astonished as to when the raids could find 163 crore hard cash in a contractor house, then imagine the volume of corruption by the Ministers and officials, so I disown the second rank to TN. And as regards to Telangana is concerned , it must have been considered at first place. Because in ease of doing business it ranks first shared with AP too. That indicates there is no corruption at all in the Telangana. And I am really surprised to see no mention of Chandrababu Naidu government which also stands first in ease of doing business. So I reject the submission.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is good to note that Kerala stood first in good governance. But the point which I could not understand is how TN come in the second place. probably they are good in governance even though many of them are corrupt. Or the agency has not taken corruption as a point in their evaluation. Telangana is in 3rd position and Andhra Pradesh is in 9th position. What are the points they have considered for making these valuations are not known? But I have no doubt in adjudging Kerala in the first place. But 2nd and 3rd positions are not very convincing. Anyhow congratulations to the states who got good rankings in this rating. Hope they will try to improve further in the coming years and compete for the first position with Kerala.
    always confident

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    In today's "The Times of India" (Kochi, July 23rd, Monday - page 4), the details of this awards are given. The report indicates that "the index provides a multidimensional and comprehensive matrix that attempts to capture the complexities of governing the plural and diverse people of this sub-continent". A total of 30 focus subjects and hundred indicators were measured to derive the Public Affairs Index. This year's PAI also included a separate index on the children of India, giving a measure of how child friendly each of the States are. Kerala, Himachal Pradesh and Mizoram topped the index. Public Affairs Centre Chairman is Dr. Kasturirangan, former Chairman of ISRO.

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    I understand that the rankings of the states have been given on the basis of the position of the states on an index which "provides a multidimensional and comprehensive matrix that attempts to capture the complexities of governing the plural and diverse people of this sub-continent". I have grave doubt whether the pluralism and diversity of Indian society can be measured by an index. Are these measurable quantities?

    I have also noted that Kerala has occupied the top slot for continuous three years (among the big states) and Bihar is at the bottom of this index. I am very curious to know the ranking of all Indian states on the basis of measurable socio-economic parameters.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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