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    Do you think the Eunuchs or gay community still lack equality ?

    I want to share one of my observation. Some years back ,while going to office,when I used to wait for the train,I used to come across a Eunuch .I know you might think ,its nothing new. Mostly we see them travelling in the train,asking for alms in the form of money. But the one I am talking about was someone who used to be in Punjabi suit,with a hand bag,no heavy make up and used to stand on the platform keeping an eye in the direction of the train. It showed she must be going for office. But then she was not an escape to get attention I used to notice her initially with surprise. When I started seeing her regularly the same way,I felt respect for her. She was with average look,blunt hair cut but looked content and calm. But I never noticed second such person ever. I feel they are conscious and still don't open up to get mix with other others which are in majority. I also think they more often don't fight for equal rights other than partner preference for marriage. I think there should be separate schools for them and similar steps should be taken for their welfare so that they don't shy off living respectful lifestyle.
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    Well the word eunuch must not be used here. That is something completely different. And so is the word "gay". Eunuch is a castrated man and gay is a man who loves other men.
    What you witnessed was a transgendered person who was going to their workplace. ( you are supposed to refer to them as "they").
    It's quite a rare sight actually. Most third gendered people resort to begging because of the insults they face in Indian community. But in western countries this kind of outgoing trans people are pretty common. Japan and Thailand even grant equal status to other genders. In India though things look grim for other genders because we lack maturity.

    I think we must culiminate them with our children in school. Binary genders are majority but we must acknowledge the other genders and their progress. We already have many trans people in high positions like IPS and chief surgeons. They are doing life-saving jobs for ungrateful people like us. We should keep an open mind and let them live like us or better than us.

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    The transgender community hasn't got equal right in India. Forget about equal rights, we haven't built toilets for them even in metro cities.
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    What I feel that instead of using the word Eunuch or Gay, we must use the word transgender and that is the most appropriate to refer them. Coming to the point of discussion, as they are also human beings, having aspirations and eager to reach goals in the life. But their looks, would prevent them to mingle with other people in the society and if at all if we friend them, people would brand us something. So keeping this in view, they keep aloof and alone. But that does not deter their determination to study, qualify and even get the jobs but again even in the work place they are seen with cynosure eyes.
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    Eunuch and Gay are two totally different words. Eunuchs have no sex genital or underdeveloped sex genital or mutilated sex genital. Gay is a male who gets attracted towards other males. Our conception must be clear. Here the author talks about eunuchs.
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    An Eunuch or a gay, different opinions might be formed when it comes to their sexual orientation. Even if there is difference between both of them,the similarity is that they come under different classification and they altogether form different class with similar status in our society. I just gave an example of a Eunuch person but discussed about similar people falling under similar category. The thread is created ,not to discuss their sexual orientation,as we already know they are different but to highlight the low value they hold in society or about them not seen fighting for other rights and that how we can change our outlook for them. As other authors referred them as transgender, I think it sounds right.

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    A very thought provoking thread raising the issue of social justice and equality to the Eunuchs.

    Historically, in our country eunuchs were seen with a different attitude and were thought as the useless people on Earth. Their individuality was not accepted by the society and they were always ousted from their homes and were forced to take shelter in the slum like situations where similar people were residing as a community. So the problem is very deep rooted and as they were neither educated nor associated with their relatives in social functions, they became the neglected and isolated class.

    For their livelihood they started doing acts of begging specially in functions like marriages and birth of a child in the society. To make the things worse some of the eunuch leaders taught them to snatch the children from the houses if they were born with such deficiencies where they were classified as eunuchs.

    These things went on for such a long time that they became an integral part of our culture. Today with more of modernisation and liberalisation in our thought process we are thinking of uplifting these miserable creatures of nature.

    The Govt is also taking some rudimentary steps in this direction and if we are also socially awakened and accept them as a human being under the category of 'Transgender', which is already being abbreviated in application forms etc as 'T' like M and F for the male and female, then we can hope that situation will improve and they will be contributing in offices and factories just like the other persons.

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    It is very true. The transgender community is not having equal rights compared to the other two communities. This is also true they have not even provided with minimum amenities outside also. In India, initially, even females are not having equal rights when compared to a male. Only over a period of time now the females are also getting all rights equal to that of a male. That is why all these days there is no thought in that line. Slowly now this concept is seeing daylight.
    Another reason for this disparity may be the very less population of this gender. The percentage is very less when compared to that of males or females. So there is no much concentration on these people. But these people in Hyderabad made themselves like a group and they will go to the houses where some function is taking place and demand for money and they will not leave them easily. They will go only when they get their expectations are fulfilled.
    I think shortly the awareness will come among this community also and they may also start fighting for equal rights in the society.

    always confident

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