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    Can car pooling reduce pollution in our cities?

    We often see a single individual driving his or her in the big metros. This not only wastes a lot of petrol, but also does not do any justice to the problem of vehicle pollution in our country.

    Of course, there have been some voluntary measures taken by individuals who now pool cars. This is all the more common with the private taxi operators like Ola. Since four or five individuals from the same area can go together in one taxi, this is quite feasible.

    Why not bring a legislation dictating that on three times a week, cars should carry a minimum of three people? If there is such a law, it will automatically promote lots of friendship and caring and sharing. As such, in the metros, the socialization between people who live in flats and apartments is a big zero. There are instances when they do not even know who the neighbor is.

    Can we do something like this?
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    Good point & observation raised by the author but for its success depends upon few of the factors. Like the destination has to be the same & along with this the timing will also play a vital role. In case of mismatch, this wouldn't suite to any of us.

    We evident of the Odd-Even rule in Delhi & we saw few good things being taking place as one persons helping the another one by picking & dropping to at least to the nearby areas & visa versa but everyone saw that it wasn't a success as even the pollution didn't got reduced. But to some extent this looks feasible. In addition, the car pooling can't become the legislation but instead the people have their choices to go ahead with.

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    These points regarding carpooling are discussed many times. Anyhow this is good for saving money as well as saving the environment. already ola and Uber introduced pool concept by introducing sharing of the cars. It is very famous in Hyderabad. Many people prefer when alone or only two by going on these share cabs. The advantage is the customer need not worry about the destination of the other passengers. Routes are being organised by the operator himself. I think making a rule will not yield better results. But customers should opt for share cabs as they are better in all respects. This programme will be successful only if the customer asks for it.
    In Hyderabad sharing autos concept is also existing. Many people in the city opt for this share autos as they are very cheap when compared to engaging an auto. Many people going to the same office started going by a single car and thus saving a lot of money as well as contributing something to controlling the pollution in the environment.

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