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    The great plastic ban in Tamil Nadu

    In certain respects, we, the Tamilians are slow to react. We have allowed the plastic menace to become a monster. Chennai perhaps has the maximum plastic waste in the entire country. The State Government has finally woken up. Plastic manufacture in most forms is now sought to be controlled and eventually stopped for ever.

    Till date, we do not have big alternatives. Of course, the nonsense of packing the food items in plastic covers will go. People should now carry their own containers.

    It remains to be seen what will happen to those employed in plastic manufacture. At the very same time, we need to find out environment friendly alternatives. Only then can this ban make sense in the true sense of the word.
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    This is true. There is no proper alternative for this plastic. The plastic containers, bags, covers and other items usage is increased. People have forgotten to carry cloth bags from the houses to get items from outside. Even vegetables are also carried in use and throw bags only. This is the biggest problem. I remember in my childhood we used to get food from hotels in our own steel containers. Vegetables and Kirana items were used to be brought in cloth bags and paper bags. I think we should go back to that culture. The States are now banning the plastic items and as said by the author there may be a chance many plastic manufacturing companies may have to look for an alternative item manufacturing. But how far this ban of plastic items is implemented is the question. Many kids play items are made of plastic only. Banning the items on paper is of no use. They should be strictly prohibited and no one should use the same at any cost.
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    Good that great awareness has been created across the country seeking ban on the usage of plastic. But one trader has said to me that everything cannot be banned all of a sudden as some cushion time must be given. In that period, the plastic manufacturing companies also can go for alternate business like paper bags or clothes bags. Even for public if the manufacturer stops supplying the plastic material to the shops, they are also forced to use cloth bags for fetching anything. So complement to Tamil Nadu government which wants to see the state as the plastic free state in near future.
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    It does seem the Tamil Nadu Government is so keen. One understands that some sort of tax concession is likely for those who manufacture cloth bags. In this connection, we can learn a lot from Bangalore, where at least the huge bags are totally gone.

    The plastic lobby cannot do anything this time. So it seems. At last, some sanity is dawning on the worst and most corrupted politicians of India.

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