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    How Twenty Lakh Crores is written in figures with punctuation ?

    Normally we write the figures in running mode, ie for one thousand we write 1000, but it must be 1,000 , like wise for one lakh we mention while writing as 1 lakh, instead of 1,00,000. This kind of mistakes is done by all including the bank cashiers. What I want the members to write in figures the total amount of twenty lakh crores with punctuation so that every one can understand. Some would say that they never came across such big amount to be written in figures , but a sincere try can be made without referring to any source.
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    20,00,000,00,00,000. (2 followed by 13 zeros)
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    Interesting but I have never tried this. May be my bank balance soon be evident of such amount. Ha ha ha.

    I don't know the correct way but possibly this would come up with the below figure. I did type in the excel with some format for up to two decimal places.


    Anyhow, I would be waiting for the comments of others as well.

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    I agree to what Mr. SuN has written. It is the Indian system of writing Twenty lakh crores. Mr. Anand has written it in western system. In western counting system, the word 'lakh' is not known.
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    Rs.20,00,000,00,00,000/- . I think only 13 zeros after 2. It is not 14 zeros. In the Western system, there is no lakh and no crore also. They go by millions and billions. #643054, I think one zero is more and it will become 2 crores of crores. This is what I think. If wrong, please correct me.
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    A simple way would be
    Twenty lakhs would have Six zeros= 20,00,000
    One Crore would have Seven zeros = 1,00,00,000
    So, when we multiply we get Twenty lakh crores that would have 13 zeros = 2,00,00,00,00,00,000/
    Hope this is correct.

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    So from the responses it is quite clear that we are not habituated to such big numbers to write earlier and hence confusion.
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