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    Why Shiv Sena is moving away from NDA coalition?

    Even though Shiv Sena and BJP are close allian partners of NDA but they are behaving like the natural attitude of rat and cat. There is an ego problem with both the parties and are fighting with each other to show their supremacy. To show their displeasure over BJP they abstained from voting in no confidence motion. Shivsena in its own news paper writing dead against BJP and is criticizing like any other opposition party. Mr.Amit Shah tried all his best to quite down but it seems he is succeeded in it. Do you believe both the parties go all out to find out who is superior in the next General elections? If it is the case who will benefit in Maharashtra-NCP-Congress, BJP or Shivsena or any others?
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    Shiv Sena is a regional party with its existence only in Maharashtra whereas BJP is a national party having its presence in all the states of the country. So naturally, BJP will maintain its separate stand always. They can't accept whatever Shiv Sena says. I think Shiv Sena is thinking very big of itself. They should know their limitations. I think for the present situation Shiv Sena is the responsible party. Even BJP tried its best to be good with the other party. But Shiv Sena is not at all in the mood to cooperate. It may harm the alliance in Maharashtra. BJP may go alone and that will be a positive factor to BJP. They may get some benefit. Maybe marginally.
    But BJP should also think why they are going away from these regional parties one after another. I feel it is not good for BJP especially in the South where there is no stronghold for the Party. TRS will not go for sharing seats with any other party in Telangana. In AP TDP is now against BJP. Karnataka Opposition parties united to decrease the popularity of BJP and all know the position of the party in Kerala. So only in TN AIADMK may have an agreement with BJp. As such the seats they get in South may be less than what they got in 2014. So they have to get more in other States to retain the same number of seats. This is one point BJP has to think seriously.

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    I don't find any differences other than what we have been witnessing since long which is the lack of internal co-ordination among them which again seems to be quite natural. The good thing is that they are united which is again quite evident during the no confidence motion wherein the Shiv Sena supported in favor of NDA. On its contrary the Congress & the opposition alliance parties are more divided than ever. And so it's a good news for Modi Ji & its alliance partners.

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    I think the ideologies of both Shiv Sena and BJP are almost similar. So, rise of BJP in Maharastra will be a threat to the growth of Shiv Sena in Maharastra. People may swing towards BJP while voting as it is a national party. If the same party is in power in their state, people may expect more development. So, they may avoid Shiv Sena. This will be a big setback to Shiv Sena. So, Shiv Sena tries to curtail the rise of BJP in Maharastra.

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    So what ?. If Shiv Sena is not comfortable with NDA, it can leave. But given the current position, the people of India are having immense faith in Modi and his winning the no confidence motion is one more fact for that. So as of now Congress is in very bad shape and though the party President Rahul Gandhi has been authorized to negotiate for alliance with parties across the country, I do not perceive Shiv Sena will move towards Congress. Therefore at the time of election there would be stern bargain from Shiv Sena over seat sharing and that would be a deal, As of now face off is being maintained.
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