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    How to start earning?

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this site. N ow how shall I earn points and is their any amount paid for earning? How shall I start earning?
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    Welcome to this interesting academic site and hope you soon find place for your creative writings here.

    This is mainly a place for people having good control in English language and who can express their views on various subjects.

    Those who are interested in forum discussions, group discussions, answering various questions on varied subjects, writing articles on different topics, making review of schools and colleges, posting detailed job opportunities, giving details of places and educational facilities therein, commenting on articles written by others and things like that, for them it is the right place to contribute.

    There are some remunerations also attached to your work sometimes directly or sometimes in the form of awards and prizes. If your contributions are top class after some time you can link your account to Google Adsense from where you can get some revenue depending upon the volume and quality of your work here.

    The most interesting thing here is if you want to learn the subtleties of online writings and contributions then stay here for some significant time and believe me you will gain a lot in terms of improvement in your creative skills right from casually commenting on something to producing an outstanding article on any topic of your interest.

    If you see the tagline of this site you will find 'Learn to earn, Earn to learn!', which is the true image of its objectives and environment.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Hi, I am new here too. Rather than jump on the earning part, I have taken this site as an opportunity to explore my writing skills. I am enjoying the process of expressing my opinions on a variety of topics and appreciate other views as well.

    I hope you enjoy and learn from this site as well!

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    Sahiti warm welcome to this site. By the way there is no link between the points secured and the amount being earned here. Points are allotted to every content raised for this site and that will decide the membership level like silver, gold, diamond and platinum. But real earning you have to contribute in the resources section by creating articles of varied subject. Mind it the articles thus submitted should be of your own thought and writing and there is no question of entertaining any copy pasted items from other site. So the creativity in each member is explored here and thus on approval of your article which must contain good heading, nice summary, best content and above all your observation about the article, you will be getting cash credits based on the quality of the article published , thus your earning spree starts here.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sahiti: Welcome to ISC. To me, the motto has always been: "First learn, and then earn". So, first go through the Help topics, explore all Sections and Sub-sections, find your areas of strength, start contributing and count your earnings at the end of every month.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    A warm welcome to ISC, Sahiti! Our experienced members have given you sufficient guidance and have also introduced you to the facilities and requirements of this site. I have nothing much to add except to suggest you to read and understand our Posting Guidelines and all the Help Topics before becoming active here so that you get to know the rules of this site and is also guided properly. Also, read through a few posts in different sections to get an idea as to how you should proceed.
    Let not earning be your priority as a newcomer. Learn first, be active, contribute effectively and you will find that your pockets will begin to ring. So, do well and all the best!

    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    # 643105, Dipti, Excellent. Even though you are new you have given an excellent view in short on the site and I appreciate you for that. My hearty welcome to Sahiti and also Dipti on to this great earn and learn site and I wish them an excellent journey here. All the best to you. I think you will follow the good suggestion of our Lead Auditor and concentrate more on learning and automatically the other part will follow its course.
    always confident

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