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    Do you favor the Reservation system in sports as well?

    Few times back there was a news favoring the reservation based system in sports too & more specifically in Cricket. The argument in support if this consisted of the fact of involvement of huge sums of money which would really help the underdeveloped and backward people of our society to come in front race of people & so according to this proposal, the team should have some reservation quota.

    I don't know for how long we are going ahead in this context but how far do you find yourself in agreement to this?
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    Some people are hell-bent to destroy the country. The proposal for reservation in sports, armed forces and judiciary is part of this conspiracy.

    It's time to withdraw the merit-killing reservation system from everywhere. Reservation, if any, should be given on economic consideration and nothing else.

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    These days actually we should think of giving reservation based on the financial position of the people. The reservation should be only to give financial help. In such a case how one can support reservations in sports. I never accept these proposals. Merit should be rewarded in all the fields. If a meritorious student is not able to continue his studies the government should help them by providing some financial help. This system should come. Then only the real worthy persons will come up in their lives. That is good for the country also.
    I think the majority of people may not support reservations in sports and other areas. All political leaders for their vote bank they are trying to promote reservation in all fields which will make the country go back on fields and development of the country will become a myth. All intelligent people who are not able to manage seats and jobs will go abroad and flourish there. So the government should think about this. No reservation in any field is the best way to attract talent.

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    The reservation should be allowed to the physically challenged but to the saddest part that this serves the political parties their agenda to acquire with more support of such sections of the society like the ST/SC & OBC & the new word has surfaced as Dalit.

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    I do not support the Reservation System at all. It is understood that in our country many people are underdeveloped and they remain underdeveloped because of indiscriminate use of the reservation system. Here reservation is given on the basis of religion, cast or creed, in short it is given on the basis of the surnames. The reservation system was introduced to uplift the economically underdeveloped sections of the society and now it is 'free for all' for that particular sector denoted by its surname.

    Suppose a person 'XYZ 'has a surname which was earlier categorized as a representative of an underprivileged one. Few generations earlier, Mr. XYZ's grandfathers and family members got all kinds of reservations and perks that was entitled for that sector and now they are very much wealthy and well placed in society. But now also Mr. 'XYZ' is entitled to all the reservation and perks because of his surname. This is completely illogical and detrimental to overall growth.

    In case of sports, let the people of backward class and race get all the benefits in the form of free coaching/training. Then during selection process let them compete with all others and earn a place in the team. Selecting a player just on the basis of backwardness and not on talent will do more harm to the team rather than winning accolades.


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    Hell with the reservations and its demands. We are fed up to hear reservations to all most everything and now it penetrated into sports too. Let the games be played on merit and talent and not pushed.
    K Mohan
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    The reservation system which were acquired from the time of independence were made keeping the outlook of the society during that time and the differentiation made between different castes. Hence it was a thoughtful act at that time. But time has changed and situations have also changed. The reservations should be made based on merit and the financial status of the individual.

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    Even Ambedkar, the proponent of reservation through Poona Pact before independence and through Constitution after independence, knew that it was not the permanent solution. So, the reservation was meant for only 20 years.

    But the vote-hungry politicians used this to get votes, and this totally unscientific system is going on without bringing any real change in the life of the deprived people.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I agree with Sankalan when he says that government may consider giving all sort of facilities to the backward classes to train them and give them an opportunity in the process but there should not be any consideration during the selection and it should be purely based on the calibre and talent of the person. Let people from the backward classes be selected and given free coaching or training but his performance during selection to a team should not be given any preference based on his caste or creed. In short, I don't support the reservation system in sports or games; rather I don't support reservation in any field.

    I think we need to understand that a privilege once given is very difficult to be withdrawn.

    Just to cite an example, say you are allowed to be seated in the VIP enclosure during some function; you would naturally expect the same enclosure when you go there for another function too and may feel bad and may even question the organisers if you are denied that privilege. I think it is more of a human tendency to get used to such facilities and we are not ready to accept a change.

    We may blame our political leaders but it is not totally their mistake. And I doubt (?) whether Dr Ambedkar had envisioned the present scenario when he suggested the system.

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    If successive Governments are unable to abolish cast based reservation system, let them provide reservation to all the casts so that the effect of reservation policy can be nullified.
    If whole population is coming under reservation category, then what is the meaning of reservation?
    What you say?

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    I totally disagree on this, reservation should not be there for any selection. What most can be done is to provide equal and fair opportunity to every one, open facilities to every one. Those who deserve must get the position or get priority in selection.
    Chitra Rana

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