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    If LPs are re-launched, how many would purchase?

    I am talking about those Long Playing vinyl records, shortened as LPs. Many members have these LPs stored safely in their cupboards. Few might be playing those records on a regular basis to feel the nostalgia associated with it. Ask any old timer about these LPs and they will tell you the number of collections they have, what was the first record they purchased etc. Youngsters born in the 90s are not much aware of these records, they might have heard about LPs from their parents or peers.

    Anything old has memories attached to it. Many a times I have heard that some company is going to launch LPs in a new way, though till now it is not announced specifically. Suppose, if it is re-launched widely again many people who used to listen to LPs during their childhood will purchase it for sure, but youngsters those who have never seen LPs, what they will do? Will they go crazy for the LPs too?
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    I doubt many would not be having the HMV player which is required to play the song track on long playing records. Gone are the days when the songs were recorded on the black disc like records with so many tiny lines which are called tracks and the gramophone has the needle which initiates the song as it goes from one line to other while circling. And we can slow or have high pitch created by decreasing and increasing the speed of the LP. But now a days people are habituated with online listening of musing and slowly the LP's were forgotten even by those who were having earstwhile.
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    Mobile phones replaced cameras. These days people are not using cameras normally. Only on special occasions, they may be using the cameras. Normally photos are taken on the mobile only.
    Similarly, people are seeing videos, hearing songs and watching movies also on these phones only. So people stopped using tape recorders which were very famous in my childhood days. Now people have forgotten the tape recorders. The gramophone records were much before the recorders. So many people even not seen those these days. The quality of sound on mobiles is good and you have a choice and need not spend money on these songs. If you have to purchase an LP it requires money. As such, I feel many people may not like to go for these items. Some people may purchase initially for a change. But in the long run, nobody will prefer these LPs as everyone will have their mobile phones and they can use them for hearing the music.

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