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    Do you like the “likes”?

    With the hectic lifestyle of people nowadays seldom they get time to observe, appreciate and compliment others. Human beings being emotional characters do desire appreciation and compliments at times from others. After all, they are not robots. Since face to face compliments have dwindled now, some people are diverting themselves towards social media to get their missing share of compliments and appreciations. Hence we find few people uploading their pictures, videos, and content on Facebook and youtube just to get that missing compliments and appreciation in form of likes.

    While people may not have time for each other they do have the time for social media and actively post their likes and comments. We see sometimes people do not like to appreciate face to face but enjoy hitting "like" on social media. So we often see people getting happy and satisfied when they get likes for their post on facebook, youtube etc.

    But is this a good practice? Can social media likes and comments replace the actual face to face appreciation and compliments? Another question that arises is how authentic are these likes? We often see how people ask their friends and relatives to just hit like button for their post just to increase the counter. On the other hand, sometimes people on social media just casually like and post appreciation comments just out of goodwill because the person who posted is their friend, relative etc.

    Should one always feel elevated when our likes counter on social media rises? Aren't compliments given personally either face to face or through a personal message or a phone call better than just hitting the like button?
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    Since I am very active in social media like Twitter, Facebook and whatsapp, what I feel that the instant likes brings some sort of inner satisfaction where as when we visit the relatives or friends they give their comments lately or behind the scenes. For example in one of the post dedicated to Katrina Kaif, I made such a comment to which I received more than 6000 likes which is highest as per me is concerned. Like wise my one month impression has crossed 145 lakh likes combined with all the comments to all the posts. But that kind of response we cannot get in person or even in ISC.
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    Yes, I would like to have as many as possible & would remain my favorite. I feel delighted from within whenever I am evident of this against any of my postings my postings.

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    As I am a peculiar man, I generally don't like 'likes'. There are many posts which are not fit for getting 'likes', but even then many people give 'likes' to those posts (as for example, death of some great men/women).

    But I do want people to read my posts and discuss the matter threadbare.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    If we get more likes to our posts we understand that many of our known persons have seen our post. It gives some pleasure to know that many known people have seen our post. But giving likes to bad news also is not correct. There the people can make a comment based on the situation and the occasion. People should use at least that much logic while responding to the posts. These days many people just forwarding the posts they have received even without having a look at the Video or the photo. It is also not a correct way.
    A word of appreciation, unbiased comments and unbiased valuation of posts is required. But unfortunately, that is not being followed these days. The things are being done as per their likes and dislikes. So sometimes we feel sad. But we should be happy that this social media is keeping people connected at least virtually. Every coin will have two sides.

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    Likes on FB have no real meaning or any particular significance in my view. Yes, it may be important for youngsters these days as most of their opinions of others and even themselves are formed on the social media. It is alarming t see some people take these likes so seriously.
    For me, objectively it is nothing more than one of the tactics to keep people engaged on the social media and keep the revenue ringing!

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