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    No "dislikes" options for the Face Book posts!

    Do you aware of about why we don't have dislikes options in Face Book pages. Although we got emoticons but no thumbs-down options like as we have got into YouTube videos?
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    It is true. There is no dislike option in the facebook. But there is a way if you want to express your dislike. You can write a comment in the comment section that you dislike the post and if you feel you can give the reasons for your dislike. But I feel it is not a good gesture to say dislike. If you don't like the post simply you can keep silent and you need not make any comment or you need not like the post. That itself is an indication that you have not liked it.
    In Facebook, we don't have many discussions.
    Coming to the subject of Youtube, it is a pay channel. The person who posted the video may get some money based on the likes, watches and comments. That is why in that they have given the option of dislikes. But on
    Facebook, no financial benefits are there. I think that is why they have not provided this option on Facebook.

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    Yes, I have noted that in Twitter or in Facebook, there is no option of downvoting. But in Quora, there is a button which asks "Is the answer helpful" with two alternatives, Yes or No. By pressing No, we can downvote an answer anonymously. But the option is mis-utilized by some people, who downvote popular answers or widely-read answers by downvoting. Nobody knows why some people do this.
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    Maybe FB is being diplomatic as so many of us are in real life! Or it probably wants to be a positive force only in everyone's lives bringing only cheers and happiness with all the likes garnered on your pictures and shares.
    Getting dislikes or a thumbs down is not a very likable option anyway.

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    Few times back the Face Book was requested to have this option but I am not aware of about is there any further progress on towards to it. Or may be we soon see these changes being implemented.

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