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    Are the people having good habits and healthy lifestyle the ultimate winners in the long run?

    There are different types of people in the society. Some are very careless, moody, indisciplined and do not follow any time table for their activities. Due to such attitude they have failures and inconveniences also but they ignore it and maintain their irresponsible facade.

    On the other hand, there are people who are disciplined, take their steps with due diligence, go for regular morning walks and exercises, do not consume junk foods, adhere to timings for different activities, pass their time in creative activities etc. These people are benefited in terms of a good health and sound mind and many times get requisite success in their endeavours.

    I believe that the latter type of persons are immensely benefited by their good lifestyle and they are the real winners in the long run.

    What do you think about this?
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    I truly agree with the point that a disciplined lifestyle is a key to long-term success in life. A case in point being Akshay Kumar. Incessant adherence to fixed wake-up times, dedicated exercise routines, clean eating habits and a never-ending passion for fitness has made him an epitome of a healthy and fit superstar of today's times. Compared to his contemporaries and even the younger generation, Akshay has emerged a winner and most can't deny that he is the fittest amongst all. He credits his success to his simple and healthy lifestyle.

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    First of all if those who are punctual to their routines and eating habits. that would keep them cheerful, happy, healthy and they would live for long years too. And if those who are not having tensions in life, free from any problems and having plenty of spare time are really gifted lots . Why most of us are surrounded by the diseases because, we end up eating junk foods, no time to prepare healthy food at the home. and eating the so called junk foods at irregular times brings more problems to the health and thereafter new diseases. And if actors are maintaining the work out and keeping their life style fit because, they have the reason to do so for being in the market, as they have to make the hay while sun shines. We cannot ape the likes of a actor as we have our own responsibilities to which we become the sole target.
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