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    Why are we facing problems in rainy season ?

    The population of India is large. People from different parts get attracted to city like Mumbai and other cities with better lifestyle. Since some years,we face water flood problem in rainy season. Many meet accidents, house construction fall off ,water gets into the houses. When I was watching these situations on T.V ,I noticed people have constructed amenities without thinking of rainy season. We see water getting blocked between two buildings. So much water ,can't the governing party do something to reserve it ? There are times, when other parts suffer from droughts. There should be a periodic check done in all areas and necessary steps should be taken before rains.
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    Excessive use of plastic, over-populated cities, unplanned slum areas, limited sewerage facility and lack of civic sense among people are the main reasons why city people face problem during rainy season. Plus add the incompetent and corrupt civic bodies with these.

    The problem has become so alarming that a new subject 'urban flooding' has been added to the list of disasters in India. Although it is treated as a natural disaster, in actuality, it is a man-made disaster.

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    The problem of water logging during rainy season has become a common affair nowadays. It is so common, that until and unless things go out of proportion, we seldom get to know about it. The waste management and sewerage systems are the main cause of water logging and the local municipal authorities do not pay heed to these basic things.

    Whenever a plan is sanctioned for a new construction, it is a must to see whether the plan has outlined a proper drainage system. In many cases rules are flouted and the plan is sanctioned without outlining a proper sewerage mechanism.

    People are so casual about environment and their own well being that they throw away any kind of material be it plastic, thermocol or paper in the open drain which in turn clogs it and causes the drain to overflow during rains.

    If the local authorities cannot control this with an iron hand , then there is no respite from this nagging problem.


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