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    The movie Sanju is inspiring if you choose to get inspired from it

    The movie Sanju has been an eye-opener. It is an assertion that a man is capable of making a huge comeback and be successful no matter what his past and mistakes be.

    The movie Sanju has inspired a great debate in my mind. Should I be horrified by the mistakes made by a man of weak character or should I be thoroughly inspired by this same man who had the courage to admit his mistakes and share the secrets of his troubled life with the rest of the world to see and appreciate?

    There must be many people who will cringe at the choices made by the actor and call it glorification for all the wrong reasons. These are the people who fail to accept that a man can be weak and susceptible to make wrong choices in life. Running away from unpalatable truths doesn't mean they don't exist.

    I choose to believe that Sanju is an extremely inspiring story of a real man with real faults in his character. A man who is also courageous to rise from his own ashes.

    What do you think?
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    Yes much has been said about the movie Sanju and that seems to well written , well made film on the life of Sanjay Dutt. It takes guts to create such movies because, a little mistake on portraying the character , there could be repurcations and cases slapped against the producer and the director. And what is understood from the media reports and social media that the bollywood has welcomed the story line which was aptly depicted. One thing what every one learns from such films is that the childhood has to be dealt with carefully because every mind gets disturbed and changed during that bad period. And getting inspired from the film is left to the discretion of the audience who may not take the film that seriously and might have watched for the pleasure of seeing a movie. Again there is no doubt that the charter played by Sanju was apt and arresting.
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    There is nothing to be inspired from the life of Sanjay Dutt, a person of very low intellect, without any morality and who is devoid of common sense. By the way, he is not even a good actor (forget about 'great').

    At the same time, there are other Forum posts on this film. I have also noticed that a Member has also submitted a full-fledged review article on this film. This means many Members have watched this film. So, far as the film is concerned, Ranbir Kapoor has beautifully depicted the mannerism of Sanjay Dutt by his acting.

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    I was immensely impressed by the person Kamlesh; Sanju's friend. His naivity and his love for Sanju is what made "Sanju" a 100X better. The duo of Sanjay Dutt and Kamlesh was amazing. The conversations between them in the movie felt way too real, unlike the other movies where dialogues are just for the sake.
    Sanjay Dutt's dad as Paresh was super amazing too. Ranbir himself did a tremendous job. The movie was too good that I give it 5 stars.
    Well what did I learn from the movie?
    1. Truth and proofs are two different things.
    2. Never get addicted to anything but success.
    3. Slacking off in your good times means facing terrible consequences in future.
    4. Sometimes, tomorrow becomes too late. Sunil Dutt died without listening to Sanju's speech after all.
    5. Biopics can be equally amazing too.

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    Sanju movie is doing very good at the box office and is a commercial success as the Director as well as actors have done lot of hard work and efforts in making of this movie and have taken care in showing what the cine-goer and public wants today. The media hype is also one big factor behind the commercial success of it.

    That is the commercial part of it and now coming to the thread raised by the author, I want to say that you can take lessons, motivation and encouragement from many of the movies as movies are made with certain ingredients and elements which touch the human sentiments. So this movie Sanju has enough of those things in it and also done that part well.

    It is also an open fact and evident from the movie that the Director has shown only some select part of the past life of the actor Sanjay Dutt.

    Incidentally, I have published my review on this movie in ISC itself and if anyone is interested to read my views, he can find it at Review of movie Sanju

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    I have not seen the movie, nor do I intend to. I do not know if the movie tells a side of his story that we already do not know. I remember seeing Rocky, his first movie and other than his walk and his eyes, there was not much to talk write home about. But, the critics wrote great reviews and saw a star in him.

    He soon hit the front page of national newspapers for his indiscretions – drugs, guns and shooting and more guns, love affairs, marriage, divorce etc. He made it to the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

    Now the biopic tells his story, perhaps painting him as a hero, a victim of circumstances (of his own making). Yes, he has come a long way, a changed man, but is he an inspiration, well that is debatable.

    The only lesson that I see his life teaching us is that you cannot survive or come out crisis without a support system. In Dutt's case, he had the entire film industry backing him. I have seen and read interviews where people portrayed him as having child-like innocence. This is the kind of belief the film fraternity had for him. It looked beyond his misdemeanours and found reasons for his erratic behaviour, they ignored all the wrongs that he had done. I recall someone saying he has been punished enough.

    The point I am getting to is that he couldn't have survived without people believing in him. Would he have come back had the industry distanced itself from him? Could he have survived the prison term if he wasn't who he was? The world shuns a convicted man but that didn't happen in his case.

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    No doubt that the central character committed grave errors of judgment and the entire industry and big shots would have supported him. But his struggle was real and his fight as heart-wrenching as that of any commoner. He fell in the eyes of the public which is a much bigger burden than any of us commoners would ever have to face.
    Nevertheless, I take his struggle like that of any other and try to learn from it.

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