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    The latest poll survey says Kamala Hassan and Rajnikanth wont impact TN politics. Then BJP ?

    A noted Tamil news paper has conducted its independent survey gauging the mood of voters as the nation may go for early polls across the country and that includes TN too. Astonishingly no voter is interested to have the presence of Kamala Hassan or Rajnikanth and they feel that they wont impact the politics at all. Is that mean BJP has the say for the first time in TN. As both dravidian parties have proved in the past for misgovern, corruption of high order and not taking the people woes seriously. Any comment ?
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    How much can we rely on this survey? How the sampling is done and what is the quantum of sampling and what is the percentage of samples shared between urban, semi-urban and rural areas. Similarly, what is the ratio of educated and uneducated people in the sample? These points will play an important role. You have not mentioned about the survey result completely. Is it the survey done to know only the swing towards these two leaders but not the overall mood of the voter. Did they collect the information about the party that particular people are selecting to vote if not to Kamal or Rajani? In the absence of these details, we can't say it is good for BJP or not. As far as I feel, BJP will have a tie-up with AIADMK and thus it will be benefitted in getting some seats in TN. Otherwise, BJP may not be able to make any seats in the south in the present condition in the Southern part of the country.
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    Today is the era of brand & today's big brand in the Indian politics is PM Modi. No one can help it here other than to keep on doing the nuisances to remain in the news. These are the cheap practices which the public is more aware of now.

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