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    Why cant the Hindi belt have its own IPL?

    Two States, that is, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have their own versions of IPL. This has helped small town and even village level cricketers to emerge from nowhere and showcase their skills.

    The Hindi heartland is not so poor. They also have the National Capital which is filthy rich. They can also find sponsors. If they are able to sponsor some IPL they will be doing some justice to Cricket.

    Will someone think about this? Similarly, the North East can also have its own IPL. The whole of Eastern India can have its own IPL. The States of Western India can perhaps have their own IPL.

    Cricket is one game that is almost a religion in India. We need more State IPL formats.

    What do members think?
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    The cricket is very popular in India. In one way or other, some match or other may be going on always anywhere and everywhere in the country. There may be local matches in which many local people are participating. There may be many coaching institutes and competitions between the students of these coaching schools may also be going on. The IPL for each state may not be feasible as per the financial condition of the state and sponsors are also not come forward if the matches are conducted in some unimportant places. Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad are metro cities and population is high in these cities and the sponsors will be ready to sponsor the sports in these cities but not in small cities as the market generation for their products in those places may not be easy and the money they have to spend on this may not be worth for their company in terms of revenue generation. That is why many States don't have their own leagues like IPL.
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    I think the Indian Premier League (IPL) presently has eight teams spread across India and the teams have members from different parts of India. So I could not quite get the author when he asks about teams for the Hindi belt and says about teams in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Does he mean to say that these states have internal teams and conduct matches between those teams? Almost all the states in India have their Ranji teams and we do have Ranji Trophy matches between these teams but I am yet to hear about IPL teams for states as such.

    Sivakumar, could you please clarify your query so that we are not put into any doubt?

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    In the mean time the IPL 20:20 tournament remains the biggest attraction among sports in India but let the numbers be as it is or else this will lose its shine in the coming times.

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    Shaji Sir, Tamil Nadu has its own Tamil Nadu IPL which is currently on. I really do not know if there is some publicity in other parts of the country. There are teams from towns such as Tuticorin, Chennai, Dindigul and so on. The format is similar to that of IPL. There are sponsors and the lead sponsor is the same India Cements, the main sponsor of the Chennai Super Kings. I also heard about a similar IPL in Karnataka. Kindly see today's THE HINDU online for some news regarding some match.

    Yes, the players are all from the local areas and none is a famous player as such. Still, it is these guys who get to play in the Ranji Trophy. I meant a similar IPL for the Hindi belt, with the best intention that some rare talent will come from small towns as well. After all our great MS Dhoni himself is from Ranchi, which, in those days, was never a big city nor a State capital like what it is today. Please do read THE HINDU. I know that the big English newspapers like Times of India do not carry so much news about this event.

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    Okay, I got it now. It is actually TNPL and KPL and not IPL as you mentioned that has created the confusion. And one suggestion, would it not have been better had you replaced the usage 'Hindi belt' with 'other states'? I am personally of the opinion that we need to avoid such specific references.
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    Saji Sir, this phrase Hindi belt is used in all economic literature also, to talk about the States of Bihar, UP , MP and Rajasthan and other States that have been carved out of these States. Kindly note that this is for reference purposes only, In fact, I have referred to the other North Eastern States also. Sir, the TNPL is a mini IPL in Tamil Nadu and so is KPL for and in Karnataka. I do not know any other State that is promoting such an event. Well, I shall avoid such references in future. I did not mean to hurt anyone.

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    What has "Hindi" has to do in IPL? If the author is so concerned about North Indian state. He should have said state-wise. If there is TNPL for Tamilnadu and KPL for Karnataka, it should be BPL, UPPL,RPL,MPL,WBPL respectively for BIHAR, UP, RAJASTHAN, MADHYAPRADESH AND WESTBENGAL.

    It only revels the mindset of the people how they direct their words to others and how it look is not unknown. It has become habit of few people to hurt and then say "sorry".

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