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    How many Smart cities are really smart cities now?

    The Modi Government has positively moved in one direction. It has declared some cities as "Smart cities". There does seem to be a massive drive towards computerization of various services. The Smart city project also needs to take off in certain other desired directions.

    We are yet to get accurate reports on what is going on. Members may please share their own knowledge of what is going on, in their own Smart cities. We can perhaps also get to know what needs to be further improved.
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    This is a good move by the Modi government. Initially, this scheme is under the present Vice President Mr.Naidu who was a cabinet minister in the government. In Andhra Pradesh, I have seen two cities namely Kakinada and Visakhapatnam which are selected as smart cities. I find a lot of difference in these two cities. Both the cities are growing and their standards are also increasing. In Visakhapatnam, the roads are well laid and they are maintained so neatly, you will not find even a waste paper on the road. Kakinada also the roads are very spacious and the maintenance is very good. No power cuts and the development of infrastructure around the city is also very good. The government offices are following all the required points very carefully and I feel public there are happy with the local government also. The drainage systems are better and hygienic condition are maintained very well. The parks and public places are very well maintained and a lot of improvement in the appearance also. We will see further improvements in the coming days.
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