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    The period of tall promises: will we have more now?

    More than four years ago, Modi made a huge number of tall promises. One famous promise was to deposit fifteen lakh rupees in each Indian's bank account. This audacious goal was never met. Not even fifteen rupees has been deposited thus far.

    Be that as it may, it is round two for all parties to start making the pitch. This time, if we have a strong Congress-led front, there will be some check on the tall promises to be made by both Congress and the BJP and by others too. In Tamil Nadu, we have three morons who have already made the BJP a big zero.

    What kind of promises are we going to hear? Twenty lakh this time? Or will the Congress steel the thunder by coming out with something very radical. Members may please speculate on what is in store for us.
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    Long promises are not started from only 2014 elections. It is the practice in India to make big promises during the campaign for elections and forgetting them after the elections. The winner says he has not done it due to the unnecessary interference of the opposition party. The opposition will say they could not fulfil their promises as they were not in the government. We can list so many promises like this which were not fulfiled even after 20 years also. Indian voters will forget the issues very easily. They will get reacted easily but that reaction will be for only a few days. After that, they will forget that issue. So there is no problem to Politicians in this country. They can even promise the Bay of Bengal to Hyderabad also during elections and afterwards, they can say they couldn't bring it as the neighbouring State has not agreed.
    Now as the elections are coming very fast, we will see many politicians participating in meetings and promising many things and we have to hear them.

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    Promises are made by all political parties. Some of these promises are fulfilled, most are not. We, the common people, are now habituated to the unfulfilled promises. But, we must see the intent also. The current ruling party at the centre has shown the intent and sincerity to do something for the country, in spite of terrible and destructive opposition.

    This party needs another chance solely due to its intent, sincerity and for reducing corruption.

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    Moving all the way from East-West-North-South to coming down to the same chapter. I feel so sorry for the opposition parties that they are left with no big cause but to go against the PM Modi. I would have appreciated the author if there was any comparative study of the performances of past governments to that of the current government in the Center. But the problem is that they raise the same issues which already existed during the regime of the previous governments with the only difference that the current government feel proud of its heritage & introducing the policies for its renovations which lacked earlier.

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    People do know that the tall promises made by the parties are just to garner the votes. But apart from this there are other parameters to which we see the strength and ability of the parties and then vote. For example I am not seeing any alternative to BJP and Modi at present as Congress and Rahul Gandhi yet to understand the velocity of the people woes and he takes every thing easily without even giving a thought as to what he is talking. Moreover he is not recognized by leaders of the world and still feels that he is the grand son of Indira Gandhi and son of Sonia Gandhi. So promises or not , we have to move.
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    It's election time and we will hear again all those tall promises from different political parties. It's a hype and generally those who are in the know-how of things never vote on these promises, rather vote on the developmental agenda of parties.

    At present it is difficult to say what kind of promises will be there from the ruling dispensation, but it is much easier to guess the promises of the opposition. The opposition may promise to reduce communal tensions, though they are not sure about its increase. They may promise to bring back Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and few fugitives. They will mainly harp on the failures of the present dispensation and dug up some very old issues to divert public attention.


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