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    Are we aware that the consumers are being exploited in everyday life?

    These days the consumers are being exploited by the retailers or wholesalers. They are cheating us in many ways like incorrect measurements, selling low quality produts in place of branded ones, providing expired goods when the consumer is uneducated and food adultration etc.

    The consumers should always be aware of these things and should know their rights and practice them so that they will be able to choose the correct product. The consumers have the right to choose what they want to take, they have the right to ask for information about the product.

    In everyday life consumers are being exploited due to lack of awareness. I also recently experienced such thing where the shopkeeper cheated by providing incorrect measurements.

    I went to purchase some vegetables and asked for 1kg tomatoes and I picked the tomatoes and put them into the weighing scale and I clearly noticed that after adding the last two or three tomatoes only, the scale weighed correctly. Then I was busy in choosing other vegetables while the shopkeeper was packing them. I casually looked up and noticed the shopkeeper had a cunning look at me while he was removing few tomatoes back but when I checked the measurement was correct.

    I did not bother much about this. I asked for half kg beans and surprisingly, he added a heap of beans and still the scale did not weigh. Then he removed the vegetable basket which was inserted under the scale so that it will not raise.

    I bought the vegetables and came back but I was still confused what has happened and then only I realised he did it all on purpose.

    It's important for all consumers to be aware and not be exploited by such people. Please share your views about this.
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    If the consumer is not aware of the things he will get deceived these days by the sellers. Especially the vegetable and fruit sellers are very notorious for this. When we ask them to give good material without we attempting for selection they will try to put maximum faulty materials only and after coming home we have to hear a mouthful. But if we regularly go to a particular vendor we will know him and he will not try to deceive us. If he deceives us we can be able to question him and he will lose a customer. Coming to weight, many people do this gimmick. One day when I have seen the quantity is less, I asked him to interchange the pans of the weighing balance. The pan used for weights are to be used for the items and the pan used for items is to be used for weights. Simply that vendor told me that if he has to do that the cost will be more. Then I told him that deceiving people like this is not correct and I stopped purchasing from him. Many people will have these habits and try to make money by deceiving the customers.
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    I got an interesting incidence here. While buying the vegetables, I was still deciding about for which one to go. In between, another customer came & had a selection but had a doubt too of the weight & so the customer took the package & went to the nearby vendor. We got the difference here for about 200 Grams. The vendor was caught red handed & in admission the vendor weigh the extra weight & gave to the customer. Although there wasn't much difference much but after all the customer was in loss. That was a live experience for me but being taking place everywhere. We could have many other instances like the way the things are presented to us & the things being offered to us. The problem is that even if we able to identify one way t he vendor would be smart enough to come-up with some another.

    Above all this & the best way is to be cautious while we do the marketing & go for the reliable vendors so that the chances of getting cheated become lesser.

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    In most of the cases, consumers are exploited because of their ignorance. Though it is not possible for the consumer to be aware each and every time, but somehow few things are always expected from the consumer to reduce the exploitation.

    1) For packaged food items, please look into the date of packaging and how long the product will last. Never accept any package which has crossed the validity period.
    2) Check the label properly. Many new entrants in the market are making the logos or designing the packets in such a way that it looks like the ones of a renowned company. For example, a while ago I noticed a brand of salt named Taja Salt, whose packaging and logo is almost similar to that of Tata Salt. Avoid these products.

    For vegetables, as the author rightly pointed out, the retailers cheat on weights. It has become a little easier in electronic weighing scales and we cannot do much other then re-checking it in another weighing scale. In many cases, these vegetable vendors are from economically backward classes and the consumer leaves them with a scold for any wrongdoings. Proper measures has to be taken against them also to avoid exploitation in future.


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    Shopping for fruits and vegetables on the streets is always frustrating. Haggling is a must in India no matter how regular you are with your vendor and how much quantity you purchase. Cheating is something a person will do no matter how smart or aware you are. You can catch or tell someone once or twice but not all the time.

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