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    Do you feel drowsy and sleepy when you eat Sambar?

    Sambar is a recipe especially more eaten in South Indian states(Andhra Pradesh, TamilNadu, Karnataka, Kerala, and Puducherry).For Tamilians its a must recipe. When we eat sambar rice you will feel drowsy and sleep. As you will get repeated yawn when you eat Sambar rice? Do you have the same feeling? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    I don't think I feel sleepy because of eating Sambhar as such. It is more to do with the fact that if the food is very tasty and I have eaten too much to my heart's content then I will probably feel drowsy and want to sleep off my food.
    Isn't it true when we enjoy a lazy Sunday brunch or an elaborate meal with family or friends we like to top up the fun with a siesta? So it is more to do with the quantity of food that makes us feel drowsy rather than the type of food I believe.

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    No it's not like that but instead it's a natural process wherein after eating the digestive system become much more active & in order to get some relief from it the body go in search for some comfort level & we feel some drowsiness.

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    It is not very uncommon when there is heavy consumption of starchy food followed by spicy Sambar - recipe. The food containing starch undergoes transformation - process inside the digestive system. There is the fermentation - process inside our stomach and such activity causes sleepiness. The same thing may not happen if the meal is the light one containing less starch and if a light meal is enjoyed.
    We all Indian are tempted to enjoy tasty dishes and Sambar - rice too included in this class. We may over consume them sometimes resulting in over sleepy.

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    It is not specific to Sambar. In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana people feel that they feel drowsy if they curd rice. But the fact is when we feel the food is tasty, we will eat a little extra than required. This excess quantity only will cause us the sleepy nature, I feel. That is the main reason many people feel sleeping for a while after taking the lunch. The people who go home for lunch will have the luxury of having a nap after the meal. But many employees who go for a job don't have a chance to have a nap after lunch. Working people prefer light lunch as it will not give them the drowsiness. Even in training classes and seminars also immediate session after the lunch will be a little dull as all the people will be feeling sleepy. That is why the trainers plan a little physical activity immediately after lunch rather than hearing by sitting so that people will not go for a sleep in the class. A working lunch should be light and maybe one or two chapathis so that one will not become less productive after lunch.
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    In fact after having sumptuous meals during lunch if that includes rice items, one would get best sleep even in the afternoon. Because having rice tempts us to sleep for a while.
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