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    Is Reading everyday a good habit to cultivate ?

    For me, reading is my window to the world outside of my life. It can be real or mythical, it doesn't matter. Books have exposed me to ideas, characters, and experiences far more greater in breadth and richness than I can probably imagine experiencing in my life. Books have taken care of times when I was low and depressed and also been my friend in times when I was alone and did not have anyone for a company.
    I believe I have learned a lot by reading. Do you think the same?
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    Book reading is a very good habit and gives us a good chance to know the various developments that are taking place around in our subject and we will be getting updated through these books. Our knowledge, sharpness and intelligence will improve by reading good books and understanding the subject.
    There are different types of books and all these books are useful for a human being in one way or other. By reading history books we know about our forefathers, our country history, the old rulers and their specialities. By reading the subject books we will get to know the developments in our particular subjects. It is good if we spend daily some time in book reading. It may not be a physical book, it can be an ebook also. But reading will not be just going through the lines and pages. It should be reading between lines. What I mean is we should understand the subject what we read and we should be able to appreciate the subject. Then only we can say we have read the book. I think members will accept this.

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    Absolutely sir. Understanding the true purpose of the author is important. Only then we benefit from reading any material

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    It's always a wonderful habit to read books. With all the information in the book, it helps us to get an insight into the particular topic. Be it a story book or informative one, it is always so structured. The best way to learn anything is by reading a book and the more diversified the topic is, the more experience you gather about different aspects of life.

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    Whoever cultivates reading as a habit, they are always gifted with new knowledge and new information on a daily basis. Even if you read the same book again and again, you tend to gain new knowledge as you are going to understand the contents in a different manner rather than what the author meant to say. Knowledge is an ocean and reading books is part of that exercise to gain some information or the other. And if you come across some new and strange words for the first time, keep a dictionary with you and know the meaning of the word and then write on your diary and thus you can create a library of new words known and the meaning for it.
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