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    Reservation system as a political tool!

    There are sections of society which is ST/SC/OBC & in the latest is the Dalit. Each of these sections is comprised of lakhs of population & so even among them we can be evident of socially renowned & rich individuals as well. So not in the General category but still economically sound. Don't you believe this? If we go on searching onto this subject than many of locals, to the state level as well as to the national level politicians can be put into this category. During recent of the elections, we have seen the politicians from the above sections having won & elected as a representative but still declared as the weaker section wanting for more reservation.

    I would say this being the essential political wisdom for acquiring more votes & so more or less satisfying the hidden agenda of the political parties. Simple is the case here that if not able to win honestly then divides the people & win the trust & use them as their vote bank.
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    The genesis of the reservation system is the Poona Pact between Ambedkar and Gandhi. After independence, BR Ambedkar introduced reservation system for 20 years in Government recruitment and in studies. He introduced it for 20 years only because he knew that it is not a permanent solution. But the short-sighted politicians are misusing it. As a result, a very creamy layer has been developed among the so-called backward castes, who enjoy the fruits of reservation. The real benefit does not reach the actual needy people.

    Now the time has come to scrap this caste-based reservation, and to introduce reservation as per financial criteria. At the same time reservation for ex-servicemen and physically handicapped should continue.

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    When our country got independence there were many people from some sections of the society who are very poor and backward. To uplift those people our constitution creators made a provision to those sections some reservations in jobs and studies. This provision is made for 10 years with a probable 10 years extension. But later on, this issue is treated as a permanent affair by the politicians for getting votes and to be in power. If you look back and see the history many people who got benefitted by these reservations are a few and those families only go on getting their benefits again and again. But people who really need these are not at all getting the advantage.
    I think it is a high time such reservations should be removed and only financial assistance for the needy should be provided by the government. Otherwise, this will be a big threat to the people who really deserve the help. There is no point in going on extending these reservations and increasing the percentage.

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    It is much easier to divide & rule. The reservation system was implemented for a specific period and still continuing because of its misuse. Till now, no government has dealt with the issue firmly. When a particular section is always getting benefits they become used to it and if it suddenly stops they will surely revolt against it. So, no political party is willing to touch it because it will affect their electoral prospect. If they can woo those sections with certain sops it will garner more votes to them. So instead of scraping the system more sections are included in it.

    These sections of SC/ST/OBCs are basically some specific surnames and if somebody can change their surname to that specific one then it becomes a great achievement for them. There is a craze among different people to change their surnames to those specific one for receiving all kind of benefits and most interestingly the change of surname is a legal procedure and done under a court's supervision.

    There was a recent uproar about the infringement of rights of SC/STs. I do not know whether they have special rights, though it's very logical to think that if they enjoy special benefits then they must have special rights too.

    For overall development of the country this reservation system based on cast, creed and religion must go, instead benefits should be provided to persons with poor economic backgrounds, though strictly on individual basis.


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