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    You can reach there, too!

    Just now I used the recalculate feature at my Dashboard page and felt exuberantly happy that, on doing so, my name featured in the top 3 members of the list of Top Earners on the Home Page of It is yet another testimonial to the earning potential of ISC. A standing ovation & an emphatic round of applause to this wonderful site!

    You can reach there, on the Home page in the top three, too!
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    I too join with the Managing Editor to share my appreciation for this excellent site which provides a means to learn and earn. A really wonderful site, I should say.
    Coming to recalculate the points and recalculate the earning options in our dashboard page, it is very good and it will give us the correct position for our earnings and points. Many times I use his option to know my correct points and earnings. If there is any mistake anywhere in the calculation that will get highlighted, I think.

    always confident

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    Now on reaching the home page of this find I could find ME Vandana name in the first place and my name in the eighth position of the top earners of this site so far.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Really a great achievement! Congratulations to the Managing Editor, who despite enduring the volatility of volatile Members like me, reaches this coveted position in this wonderful website solely by her own contribution.

    Sincere congratulations to the front-runner from a back-bencher!

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Congratulations Vandana Ji, for reaching the top three positions of earners in ISC. It is a great motivator for people who join ISC for sharing knowledge and also earning while they spend their time in ISC. All the very best.

    Mohan sir: When I check, its Mr. RaviShankar, followed by Mr.Pramod and then ME (1,23).

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    As per this list of top earners she stands first.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Top earners should distribute some sweets (Kaju Katli) to other members, at least!

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    Congratulations! This is nothing but a result of your dedication towards your work. Let's see you get to the top of the ladder.

    @ Mohan - Please study the chart again. Look at the figures mentioned against each name.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Vandana Mam, Heartiest congratulations for your earnings. As you rightly said, I think that one day I could reach the stature of the highest contributors to this website(Maybe). The earnings are not just merely the income, but it also reflects the tremendous hard work and contributions of yours towards this site. Cheers!!
    Live life Kingsize!

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    Congratulations ma'am! It is another testimony to your dedication and commitment to what you are doing. It is also proof of the fact that you can earn quite decently in ISC if you are consistent with your contributions here.
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    Madam, am stumped, Your achievement is really stupendous. Even when I read every single article, am amazed to find the variety of articles that have already been published.

    And then I keep saying "I have miles to go before I sleep!". Giants like you can really motivate humble souls like me. Please do keep up the good work.

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    Congratulations and kudos to everyone featured on the list. It is really inspiring to see all of your names up there. I am just wondering the number of hours of hard work that you guys must have put in to make it up there.

    It is really inspiring and I can really appreciate the time and effort that goes into making this site a winner!

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    Congratulations to you on this rare achievement. It's your affinity towards this site that made you to near the peak of Everest in ISC. Wishing you many more such remarkable achievements in every sphere you venture in.

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    The chart is rating Vandana as first by virtue of her earning so many awards and rewards and that is also a great achievement and hence shared here.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thanks, everyone, for your wishes. It is not just one single person whose work here is an inspiration. We inspire each other, egg each other on, encourage & appreciate. That kind of motivation is what is so beautiful about ISCians.

    K Mohan - in response #643174 you mentioned me as the top earner. As rightly pointed out by Juana, that is incorrect and you have got that table via the 'find more' link, which lists the top members as per the number of gifts received. Thanks, though, for mentioning this achievement in your response #643322, but note that the number mentioned in the column of gift includes the payments issued, too, if I am not mistaken.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Anybody, who has enough time and interest in writing can reach this level, I agree with Vandana that this is nothing special anybody can reach it. However, one has to be good and clever enough how to stand with "right' side so that he/she can keep earning.

    However, Vandana, you need to work hard before you utter - "We inspire each other, egg each other on, encourage & appreciate." These are all look good on paper but not in reality.

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    Congrats Ma'am, for this stupendous achievement. It's no mean feat earning such a neat sum, simply from one's writings alone. And I do agree that you have inspired many like me to put in the hard work and in realizing our dreams of being the top earners of this site. Wishing you all the best on your journey way up the ladder.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    Hearty congratulations to you mam.
    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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