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    Let us remove all back bags in trains

    Just today, there has been a nasty accident in Chennai in a EMU train. Four foot board passengers have been killed on the spot. The reason as explained by a regular passenger is that during the peak hours is the huge back bags of every passenger who is already in. If we remove our own bags, there will be some space for others.

    In this context. the IT industry has developed in most of South Chennai. Even the metro services are not enough. Hundreds of thousands travel by these EMU trains.

    The most valid point is the back bag. Every single IT fellow has one. This causes huge problems in buses too. Even the AC buses are crowded during peak hours. We need to be more sympathetic towards fellow passengers. We should remove our back bags and allow others to enter the train.
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    First of all my thoughts goes with the families of those boys who have been injured in the train accident when their bags were rammed and dashed against the electric poles and resulted in felling on the ground with injuries. As suggested by the author, the heavy bag on the back probably having the costly laptop and other gadgets are always carried by scores of passengers boarding or alighting from the trains and buses and that cause total congestion inside the compartment thereby preventing much passengers to travel. Better to go by next train or bus rather putting the life in danger.
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    It is true that the backpacks are causing a lot of problems not only to the fellow passengers but also to the carrying person. But these days for all the office going people one handbag has become a must. Sometime back only very senior employees used to carry a briefcase with them to the office. But these days all employees will be carrying a backpack and briefcases are very less these days. This mobile office concept has come with the emergence of the IT industry. Every person has to carry his laptop daily from office to home and back from home to office. So this problem. I noticed this problem in many places. But without these bags, they can't manage even to get on to the train. With the laptop bag in one hand and the tiffin box, on the other hand, it is a very difficult proposition for a person to get onto the train or bus. That is the reason many employees prefer their own way of transportation than a public transportation to commute between the house and the office.
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