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    Gallons of drinking water wasted as the pipe line bursts in Anand Bagh area of Secunderabad

    As part of the Mission Bhagiratha , the TRS government want to ensure supply of drinking water to every house and for which the works have been done at war footing but the quality of the works were compromised resulting in breakage and bursting of main pipes on the main roads and thus gallons of water being wasted. When some areas are still running for shortage of water, such wastage would bring tears in their eyes . Why the government is not having strict after work inspection and then pass the bill of the contractors ?
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    Here is the image taken by me while going through that road.
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    The quality of works will be poor normally in the works done by the contractors in government departments as the contractors have to satisfy all the levels of officers based on the value of the work. Mission Bhagiratha is a very big project and the handouts will be on the higher range for all levels. So definitely the quality will be compromised. This is a very well known fact. Even in our area, there is a leakage two days before but not that big and after two days the leakage was arrested. In our area, water will be given once in two days but because of this problem, we missed in between for a day.
    This year summer also there is no much water shortage because of the Godavari waters and Krishna waters supply to the city of Hyderabad. But if water is wasted like this definitely there will be an effect on the availability of water in the city.

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    Root cause of many problems like this one in public work domain is the neglecting the quality of work and compromising with the contractors who are minting money simply by creating hazards and breakdowns in public life.

    It comes down to not adhering to honest practices in contract allotment and execution.

    The construction of tar roads, small bridges, boundary walls, general Govt buildings etc are all suffering from one deficiency or other and in the very first rainy season in their life show their worth.

    How to correct this situation and how to bring fairness and honesty coupled with strict monitoring of quality is the question coming in the minds of people who are suffering because of no fault of their.

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    This is the ugly face of corruption and a reality. For any government or public work, the respective department will call for tender and to get the contract the contractor needs to pay a hefty some to the department. Naturally to keep the contractor's profit margin in the upper side, the quality of work and materials become inferior.

    It is also very surprising how these materials of inferior quality find a place in the market. There is a department of quality control to check the quality of each and every thing, be it food items or non-food, but there is a process also to pass the QC test for inferior quality of goods. I hope all members understood, which process I am talking about. Because of this the pipe lines bursts, the under construction flyover collapses and people suffer.

    It is a long chain and many influentials are involved in it. When some grave mistakes are unearthed, everybody involved in a particular project pass the buck onto others and ultimately the case finds a place in the courtroom that has its own way of functioning. I do not know whether there is any solution to this.


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