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    Media should also show some self restraint to reduce lynching

    Whenever an incident takes place, be it political, social, any accident or crime, the media tries to glorify each one of them by continuously repeating it. It becomes the breaking news of that moment. It's very natural to make opinions based on the media reports and it helps us to choose our next course of action. But this repetition of some particular incidents, at times dictates our behavior in some way.

    It has become the habit of many media houses, especially regional channels to jump to conclusion even while reporting the case.

    Sometime ago there was a reported case of theft in one of the districts of West Bengal and the local media reported it with a little video footage about how the suspected offenders were thrashed in full public view.

    Many a times it is shown in different medias how doctors were thrashed in full public view by angry mobs. Even the video of a central minister thrashing an airline official was doing the rounds for a while. In most of the cases the reporters conclude that the thrashed ones are the real culprits, though many times investigation proves it wrong.

    The recent incidents of mob lynching is mainly attributed to the circulation of fake news and rumors through different social media platforms, but do you think the reports in different news channels with video footage of thrashing somebody, suspected of a crime, affect the mind of public in any way? Is it also causing the public to jump to conclusions too early and sending them on lynching spree, what the members are saying?
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    Yes. It is true. The media is the culprit. Sometimes we get irritated to see the same news again and again on the screen as breaking news. The reporting also will be made in such a way that something very serious has happened. Once I am also a victim of these wrong news. Once in Hyderabad there was a company vehicle accident took place. Around 8.30PM a jeep coming from a factory in the outskirts of Hyderabad met with an accident. The factory was having the last 2 words common to our factory name. These media gentlemen reported wrongly in the news that the vehicle belongs to our factory by changing the first word of the name. It was telecasted all over the State. The relatives and friends who know that I am the head of that Unit started phoning up and enquiring about the incident. My father was worried more. He was in our native place. He talked to me over the phone. We have contacted the channel and told them the difference in the name. But by that time the news spread. The whole night I have to answer to many of my friends and relatives about this,
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    Indian media and restraint! What are you expecting Mr. Bhattacharya from biased, anti-national, agenda-driven, corrupt reporters-turned-middlemen? They will resort to selective outrages, calling names to nationalist journalists, put some particular uncomfortable (for them only) issues under the carpet and indirectly provide covering fire to jihadis and some other questionable characters.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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