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    Much better informed but so less aware

    We are surrounded by news. Gone are the days when people used to wait for the newspaper vendor in the morning to have a glimpse at the paper with a cup of tea. Old timers still do it because it is much convenient for them, but ask any youngster and they will say there is no need since everything is available online. We are getting every bit of information from all the sources and undoubtedly it is helping us to stay aware, but how much aware we really are?

    Take the case of environmental pollution. Use of plastic bags is restricted in many places, especially in markets but whenever people, young and old alike, get a chance they throw it here and there even inside open drains which in turn creates havoc.

    With the advent of sophisticated mobile handsets, many young ones are plugging in earphones and keep on walking or cross the roads and all of us know the consequences thereafter. Clicking a selfie is so fashionable that few people have even clicked their last moments with it.

    Going by all these things it is most surprising to imagine that we are much better informed but so less aware.
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    What a nice observation of the author and the heading that we are better informed but so less aware is something everyone should ponder over. There are many reasons for it. As most of us in the mode of "what if I wont care for while " attitude and the same is the case with all. In this regard I wish share a story where a King wants to test how his people are following his order and how famous he was. He ordered that from each house one spoon of milk be shared in big vessel kept on the main cross road of the kingdom during the night. Now one person thought that what happens if he alone shares one spoon of water and not the milk. So he has done so. But unfortunately this thought emanated in all the minds, and when the vessel lid was opened by the deputy for the King, he was astonished to find only water and no trace of milk. Hope the author would have understood the answer for this thread.
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    It is not that we are not aware. The bitter fact is that we are actually least bothered. Being informed or being aware is not the point that actually matters; it is how responsible we feel and how we react that is more important. Majority of us read newspapers or listen/ watch the news and are aware of the happenings around us but we tend to ignore the messages (direct or indirect) when it comes to us as an individual. It is not a new phenomenon as such but I do feel that we have become more selfish now and is bothered about 'I' and 'me' only; everything else is just secondary.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    An excellent and thought-provoking thread. We are now flooded with information, but these information don't create awareness. Information flow is causing more confusion in our mind, and we are now failing to form our opinion on any issue.

    According to the theory of communication, the information is becoming noise in our life.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I remember a story. The King asked all the families in his kingdom to pour a glass of milk in the vessel provided outside the fort. The people thought that everybody will put milk and as such if I put a glass of water what difference it makes? Next day when the king has gone there and seen there is only water in the vessel. Here people know what is to be done. But everybody is selfish and they thought that they can save their milk.
    It is mainly selfishness that is causing these problems. We advise people how to behave themselves but when it comes to our own we may not follow what we advised others. This has become the order of the day.
    Another accept is carelessness. The people are aware of the consequences if some accident happens when they are crossing the road without a proper care. But they think that the other people will take care of the situation so that these people will get saved. This has become the mentality of many people these days.

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    We are aware of most of the things but who has the time to put in the effort or rather put in a thought to anything which doesn't affect us directly.
    For example, it may happen that garbage is accumulating just at the corner of our house for whatever reasons. We may notice it at least two times in the day but do we bat an eyelid?

    Forget to care about the big things, we are so preoccupied in our small needy life that we do not know what's happening with our friend's or our relatives' life.

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