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    Do you have the capacity to convince the people with your talking power for once or keep repeat ?

    When I was watching the behavior of some people in the public, noticed that they have niche to say the things which are already told and understood and they think that the opposite person has not taken the talk and hence repeat the same again and again. That is very irritating. Even during cell phone conversation I could see many people repeating what they said earlier. So what I want to ask here that ,are you are well versed to convey your views to others in first instance itself so that they fully understood your saying or you keep repeating like others ?
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    No, I am a very poor communicator. I can't communicate properly and convince others even if I have up-to-date knowledge/information on a particular issue. This is one of my major weaknesses.
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    But Partha, from your contributions here right from the day one , you are conveying your views in writing and how come you cannot talk convincingly ?
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    My convincing power or speaking ability is very limited. So, I avoid attending meeting also. And whatever I want to say, I say it in 2-3 sentences.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    One may be conveying his thought properly but he has to see whether the listener has comprehended the same. If he feels otherwise, he may repeat what he has said. So, it does not depend solely on the speaker, it depends on the listener too. That being the case, I may repeat what I had already said, albeit with a few changes, if I feel that the listener has not understood what I wanted to convey or that he has misconstrued my message. There cannot be a hard and fast rule regarding this aspect; it depends. And regarding speaking on the mobile, we cannot say why a person repeats what he has already said because we do not know who is on the other side and what his reply was. The possibility of bad connectivity also cannot be ruled out.
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    I agree with the views of Saji Ganesh. The question of repeating the conversation again comes when the speaker has a doubt that the listener has not grasped the point. The process is called explaining. When you say a certain point to a person, he may not be able to get the information what exactly you want to coney. In such case, the speaker will try to explain the same concept with some examples and elaborate explanation. Sometimes it will be a requirement.

    Sometimes when we speak on the mobile, we may be getting the feeling that the other side is not attentive and he is not concentrating. In such case, we may have to repeat the same again. We can't say it is irritating.

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