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    Parents please note- Protect your girl child.

    Chennai's shame. One of the safest cities of India to live in, has now reported one of the worst crimes against a girl child. This dumb child has been left alone in her flat in a gated community. The area itself is a thickly populated area where crimes cannot so easily happen.

    The poor child, reportedly from a North Indian family, was sexually exploited for five months by the lift operator, the plumber, electrician, gardener and every other single service guy. This has been going on till the child became very sick and complained to her sister. 17 rascals have been arrested and five are reportedly absconding.

    Parents, never ever leave your girl child alone. Put them under the care of some good caretakers. If not possible, entrust them to some good neighbor. Never allow them to interact with any male, except saying hello. In this case the lift operator aged 68 has been the main culprit. They have videos of the crime and as usual have threatened the child of exposing it on social media.

    Many sections of the Chennai Public want to kill all the seventeen by themselves. While this may be the extreme step, it only shows how angry people are. Parents of girl children have a big role to safeguard their children. What are the different methods now available to safeguard girl children?
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    Mr. Sivakumar: Please correct the heading of the post. Change 'note' to 'not'. So far as the issue raised in this thread, I would say that due to proliferation of pornography, especially child pornography, the sexual crime against the children has increased by leaps and bounds. The criminals must be taught a proper lesson, first by the public and then by the law. No mercy must be shown to these sub-humans.
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    Parents who have male kid should realize that they have more responsibilities than those who have female kid.They should teach ethics and social responsibilities to their male kid.

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    They are not human beings. Even if we call them animals, animals may feel sorry for mixing them with such shameless people. I support the views of the people of Chennai. All the 17 culprits should be hanged to death in a public place in presence of the people. Then this will act as a lesson to such people and at least some people may resist in indulging in such acts. A man of 68 years is the main culprit. What punishment he deserves. The death sentence may not be sufficient to such worst fellow.
    These types of activities are increasing these days and we are hearing news of this type. Very bad and are we really civilised? Agree with #643231. The male kids also should be brought up carefully by educating them on all morals, ethics and social responsibilities. At the same time, the female kids also should be taken care. They should also be taught how to behave with other gender people and how to maintain the distance with them.

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    It's really embarrassing to see such instances are repeatedly taking place in the society. As mentioned in the thread, #643231, it's obvious that parents with male children have more resposibility to bring up their children with moral values and ethics.

    In a great country like India where we even call our country mother India, we need to respect every woman.

    It's really a shame that 68 year old man, who also would have kids, harrassed a child who is at the age of his grand daughter.

    Instead protecting the girl child, parents should teach ethics to male child and to respect woman so they have a feeling of brotherhoodness and respect every woman. Only when the men with these evil thoughts will change, the girls can live happily in the society.

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    This type of news is beyond my understanding of humanity and human values. So much cruelty happen to our species by our own species. Isn't it beyond belief. I mean I would like someone to someday tell me it was a bad dream. But no such is our wonderful world. There are no more limits to how horrendous a crime can be. We can all comment and discuss and then forget as our lives go on.
    But parents and families and everybody need to realize to educate and empower our girl child. Make her powerful in mind and body. Teaching her self-defense now seems like a bare minimum requirement as going to school.
    No matter what we say heinous crimes such as these have no explanations and no resolutions. Only empty talks and empty promises.

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    It's rightly pointed out by Dipti, there is "Only empty talks and empty promises". Every incident of sexual harassment of girls/women are reported widely by all the medias. But what are the results, are the perpetrators of this heinous crime severely punished? Definitely not, if severe punishment were meted out to these inhuman creatures then there wouldn't be so many incidents of sexual abuses. There are only promises by different governments to make new laws and to make the existing laws stronger, but there is no effective justice delivered against these cases which will work as a deterrent.

    In this situation, teaching self-defense to every girl is essential even before going to school, because child abusers are on the prowl. A girl child must be taught about good-touch and bad-touch and all sections of the society must come forward to stop the menace of sexual abuse.


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    Now a days nurturing a girl child has become a hill task for the parents and especially the poor who are exposed to the vultures of this evil society. Poor people are unable to cope up with higher cost of education, nor their daily wages allow them to have decent life, so they are forced to work as daily workers or maids in any homes. But again all the families are not good and they exploit the poor to much . But in this case there was a pre planned crime done by 17 worst people who were taken the advantage of the girl being dumb. And I could see the reactions of the agitated public when those hooligans were brought to the court and even the lawyers who were happen to be their has beaten those boys black and blue ,leave alone the quantum of punishment that would be meted out by the courts after long hearing. But what is the use, the damage has been done, and the poor girl lost everything.
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    The horrifying details that have emerged, in this case, have left me in shock. This was not a one-off incident, it happened day after day, for seven months. The watchman sedated the young girl, through drugs and injections. He brought other men to exploit her, unhindered.

    What made her such an easy target? Did he observe a pattern that made it easy for him to target the child? This happened in a posh gated community. That most of the apartments were unoccupied aided the perpetrators.

    There are so many unanswered questions. Was the hearing impaired (not dumb) child the only victim? This happened after she alighted from the school bus. Did the parents not wonder where the child went every day? Did they not observe anything amiss – changes in the child's behaviour? There is a question about culpability.

    And today's newspaper carries another disturbing news, a 22-year-old raped, repeatedly, by her father, for the past 6 years. The man should be hanged. No mercy should be shown to such scum bags.

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    Yes, no mercy should be shown to the perps. There should be a fast track court to punish them, no less than hanging.

    Partha - with reference to your response #643216, the word 'note' is correct in the title.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    It is hard for anyone to even imagine what the little child has gone through. Although many of us shun violence, this is one such instance where most fathers, mothers, brothers would agree for death penalty by a fair and quick court trail for these accused.
    One of the good things in the entire sorrid issue is that the MHAA decided that it will not represent the accused.
    Like in social media, some would even ask, do these culprits even deserve a trail. (
    A few months back I raised a thread MP first state to push for a death penalty for rape of girls up to 12 years old.. What is the need for the hour is for a few death penalties to be awarded and carried out across the country.

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    This is really a shameful thing that such heinous crimes are taking place in the society and we are simply observing them as a silent spectators. People are angry but they can not take the law in their hands. The irony is that in spite of the Govt having stringent regulations and punishments, these incidents are not coming down. There does not seem any solution on the anvil and we feel helplessness and let down by these inhuman and barbaric acts.

    The education level and consciousness in the matter in the society is required to be increased to substantial level if we really want to fight this menace in our society.

    The overall economic development and financial well off condition of the public at large may also help to bring solace but alone that may not be a solution to this horrible problem.

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