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    The latest poll survey by a prominent Tamil Daily shows AIADMK or DMK may not get much votes ?

    The poll survey conducted by Thanthi tv and news paper has predicted that AIADMK and DMK wont get majority seats if elections are held now in TN. The survey gave astonishingly 25 percent vote to AIADMK, 41 percent to DMK and its allies and what is more surprising is the super star Rajnikanth party would get 5 percent only and also Kamala Hassan party would also get 5 percent votes only. And pity that BJP would get only 3 percent. And rest of the votes are shared by small parties of no importance.
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    Yes Sir the figures are correct. AIADMK is the worst party in Tami Nadu. It is the most corrupted party in India. Many estimate the amount looted to over one lakh crores by all the Ministers put together. People are fed up with the ruling party.

    The DMK is the only organized party that can make a difference. Rajnikant is hopeless. He does not know anything about politics. A few seats may go to Dhinakaran, whose Sasikala family is the most corrupt family of India. Yet, DMK will majority of seats in both Lok Sabha and in the Assembly elections.

    Let us not forget that only the DMK developed the Sriperambadur and Oragadam industrial belts of Chennai. They made huge progress in building so many bridges and developing Chennai into a huge IT hub. Let us not forget that Dr Karunanidhi was a far better administrator than Jayalalitha. It is good that the AIADMK will soon die a natural death.

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    Sivakumar, I can understand your frustration, but desist from using bad words while responding here.
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    Without going into the discussion on Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu, I would like to state that the surveys in India may not be that accurate. Indian voters are deeply divided on caste and religious lines, support to a particular leader over generations, pre-poll sops, and various other things. It is very difficult to find a representative sample for such a survey. So, unlike western countries, in India, the surveys are not very reliable.
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    Sorry for the harsh language. Shall desist in future.

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    Again the accuracy of the Survey is very important. Anyhow it is shown in TN many times onetime DMK the next time AIADMK pattern. As such we may conclude that DMK can win majority seats in both Parliament and Assembly elections. Anyhow this is very early to say which party will win the elections. Still, time is there and the voters may get their minds changed. So we can't get a concrete idea with these surveys. In our country many surveys proved wrong and the actually happened is completely different from what is predicted. So till the last moment, we can't say anything.
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