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    Do you read every forwarded message in your watsapp group?

    I believe we are all part of the watsapp generation and have at least 4-5 groups of family, friends, colleagues further broken down into cousins, uncles, aunties, mom's family, dad's family and what not. Two days back even my doctor's secretary made a new watsapp groups and added all the doctor's patients on the group.
    Seems like there is no running away from being connected all the time. But what about the forwards that we receive like an incessant flood. From early morning to the middle of the night, forwards keep ringing.
    The topics are not just jokes. It ranges from health tips to spiritual songs and good morning messages to motivational videos.
    I am amazed at the barrage of information that hits my phone every day and I cannot fathom how do I read these messages forget the idea of responding or forwarding something on my own.

    Aren't you pestered by such forwards?
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    These days all people are aware of this WhatsApp and similar social sites and all are trying to be in touch with many friends and relatives by forming groups. It is a very regular issue these days. There may be hundreds of messages and forwards. They may be videos or photos. I will not see many of these videos. My wife sometimes tells that some particular video is good and useful. Those videos only I will try to see.
    These videos are taking hell lot of our time and finally, we are missing many other important issues. So I feel we should be selective and important issues only can be seen.
    Sometimes the same video will be forwarded by many groups and we will get bored seeing those videos. But some are very good which are worth seeing.

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    More the groups you are attached to, more the buzz. At times, it becomes disturbing because of all the noises it makes to notify the user. I find many people have lesser work nowadays, otherwise how could they get time to forward so many messages. Not only students, even professionals of senior levels also joined in the bandwagon. I know a top level executive in my locality who forwards all kind of junks in the groups that I am attached to.

    I am also in a few groups and check messages at times. If I find any informative message, I check the authenticity, though most the time they are not and notify the sender about it. In few of the cases the sender also apologized to me for forwarding wrong information. Nowadays, I seldom forward messages to others unless and until I find the contents funny. As for videos, generally I do not download unless the sender tells me to look into it. I do forward wishes to friends and relatives and also some videos directly from Youtube.


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    It is true that being a member in a WhatsApp group is very often a punishment. It is ok if the same is used to convey important messages. What happens now is the group is used to forward different videos or chats on issues which have no much relevance. In the case of most of the people there will be more groups in which they are members. In most of the cases such groups also will be of the same type. Hence there is no other go than to skip long chats and videos
    Personally I am not a member of so many groups. Only in four groups, I am active. Even in that I skip the videos. I don't have the patience to watch them completely. Similar is the case with long chats and long notes.


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    First of all we must make sure as to with whom we must have the Whatsapp link. Normally when you are into a group, then brace up to gets tons of message every moment and that would be a head ache. I want to share the experience of my friend who happens to be the chairman of their community society and and fund raising organisation and they have 2,00,000 members in Hyderabad and created a whats app group. Just imagine how many messages he would have got. Tons of messages and he literally switched off that phone and took another number and maintained contacts with needy.
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    I only having the active contacts from which I feel ok or if found relevant & rest all having been blocked. I don't feel that much enough time to receive the updates & reverting on those & so just bound be its importance.

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    HI, In general I don't want to be a part of many groups in Whats app. Since there are groups that are created by friends or families and you can't exit them because of the relationship. I rarely send any message to groups but read if any new message pop up. I stay away from sending messages except 1-2 emojis to express felling. Also whats app brings new feature that shows what message is forwarded or created by a person himself.

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    I regret the day I joined WhatsApp. Initially, the sound of the pings felt good, it made me happy to be a part of groups, and people sharing stuff with me. I would turn to my phone, each time the device pinged. But, soon the joy turned into annoyance. The phone was pinging too often for my comfort. People were sharing too much information, a lot of which I was not really interested in.

    I also realised that when the news was/is of importance, people in my circle, choose to call and inform me. WhatsApp was/is meant for sharing all the unnecessary stuff – at least in groups that I am a part of.

    I have muted the notifications – so my phone no longer keeps pinging constantly. I rarely check my WhatsApp account. It exists, so people know that I exist. People who matter stay in touch with me through other means.

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    Well if the group is of relations with cuisine brothers and sisters, then it would be a fantastic platform to exchange daily happenings and celebrations. All the family members know what is happening.
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    True that if it is family members in the group then we are kept updates of the happenings and celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries and results or such other things.
    But for most other groups, I have muted the sound for one year, only when I am intrigued by some message will I go and check further

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