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    Do you believe in a disciplined lifestyle ? Do you follow routines ?

    The world these days is overflowing with information and activities with many things vying for our time and attention. There are some mundane tasks which nature forces us to do like eat and sleep. Most of us have to work either for a living or pleasure or housework. There are admin tasks as bills to be paid and repairs to be done.

    Beyond the question of what needs to be done, we can focus on how should everything be done. Should we have fixed timings for everything or should we let the day flow?

    I personally would love to live a disciplined life as I truly believe in the long-term benefits of a healthy lifestyle. But for past some time, I fail to adhere to strict timelines or to put myself in a loop and keep repeating the loop.

    I admire those people who can be very strict and disciplined with the way they conduct their lives.
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    I generally follow the timings very strictly and I live with discipline. I learnt this lifestyle from my father. My father is very disciplined in his day to day activities. The times are set for each activity and timings are also set. He will follow that timetable without fail. I am also trying to follow the same system to a large extent. But sometimes due to exigencies of works I may have to change to some extent.
    But with the work pressures and busy life schedules, many people are not able to adhere to this discipline. They may amend their ways and procedures. My Son will do pooja daily in the morning. But sometimes he may have to attend some meetings online early in the morning. As such he may have to skip prayers for that day.
    Similar problems we will face with our food habits also in this modern world. Even though we don't like eating outside foods, sometimes we may have to entertain some guests related to our job and we may be forced to eat outside food.

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    Yes every one would love to have disciplined life. Waking up early, following the strict timings of life style daily, and dressing up sensibly and even talking politely with others are some of the disciplined life we follow. And even following the table etiquette while taking lunch and dinner is also part of discipline. And what I like the most is the following the discipline of maintaining time and punctuality. Those who are elders at the home are very self disciplined and we have learn lot from them.
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    It's always wonderful to maintain a disciplined life. It does not only mean to maintain the timings of a particular task , but also to do the tasks in a particular way. The timings of waking-up, lunch, dinner etc are routine tasks and maintaining these timings are required for a healthy lifestyle.

    In our professional area also, we need to maintain a strict discipline. The way to talk to others, the dress to wear on a particular event, to prioritize tasks according to its importance are all parts of self-discipline. This discipline is inculcated in childhood and helps a person to keep balance in every aspects of life.


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