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    What to talk about with strangers and unknown guests at home?

    Starting the conversation with the strangers outside or unknown guests at home is an art which not everyone possesses. Often there are situations when we have to start the conversation with unknown people or lesser known guests at home to keep them engaged so that they do not get bored. In such circumstances, we all know there are some routine things which we start talking about like how did you come – by bus or taxi, were you able to locate our house, how is weather at your place, how was the traffic on the road, where do you work etc.

    These are a few things we start with just for the sake of starting the conversation. But after these few topics sometimes we find that we and the guest both are out of words and we sit silently staring here and there and at each other's faces.

    Apart from the above stale topics which give an impression of forcible talking can there be any better and meaningful topics to start an engaging conversation with guests and people lesser known to us?
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    Normally we hesitate to talk with others or the strangers. But when the traveling time is long and we happen to travel with some like minded people for the same distance, then initiating talk in formal way with introduction and little background would sooth the other person to respond and then start exchange about many things. But when you are standing at the bus stop and if time permits one can start conversation in informal way and that will pave way for good relations as the same person is seen daily and in that case the formal introduction will become the permanent friend.
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    So you ask the person where they work - and they tell you. Take it from there. Say something like that is an interesting field. "Do you like what you do? How are the working conditions? Are you into administration or sales or manufacturing?"

    If you ask how the weather in their town is, follow it up with "I have never been there, how is it like? Are there any interesting places to visit?" Or you can say, "I went there years ago, it must have changed so much".

    Alternatively, you can talk about your city. Ask if they have been there before and what they plan to do - sightseeing, shopping etc. Suggest things that they can do.

    And if you are busy and can't take time off from work, tell them that you have an important meeting, and you hope they will be comfortable being on their own. Offer to assist them with booking cabs/tours etc.

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    This is an art. Generally, when I meet some new people or some unknown guests are in the house I will start the discussion with questions about his profession and education and from there I will extend my conversation. Sometimes some people won't show that much interest in these subjects then slowly I will shift the topic to politics or movies etc.
    Another topic normally goes well with aged relatives is the relations with most commonly known persons to both the parties. How they are each related to other relatives will go for a long time between two aged people even though they are new to each other.
    These days the questions about the social media like WhatsApp and other similar issues, the brands of their cell phones will also attract good conversation for a long time.

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    I also face this problem. What to talk to the strangers? I can't even imagine what would be my first sentence. I feel embarrassed in the presence of strangers. But Ms. Juana has given some tips. Let me try to follow her advice. If I can't, it would be my own fault.
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    I would say start with the common person or common purpose for which the stranger has come to your home. There has to be some connection because of which he is there at your house. Offer some water, tea or coffee and his choice of beverage could be a starting point of conversation. What does he prefer with tea say, or what kind of tea? Where he acquired a liking for any dish and so on and so forth.

    The topics for conversation are ending. I believe it depends on the nature of the two people conversing. IT's very difficult for an extrovert to strike out a conversation with an introvert for a long time. No matter how much he tries if the replies are just a curt yes or no, it is not possible to engage for long.

    I have been in Sales and probably it takes me much lesser time to strike a conversation with a totally unknown person. To each his own.

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    You can excuse yourself for a while, say you need to freshen up or have an errand to run. Offer them a magazine, or the newspaper or switch on the Tele and hand them the remote, tell them to feel free to switch channels.

    I have had people show me photo albums – if you have pictures from a recent trip or a function, you can show them those. It can help pass time and avoid awkward moments of silence.

    You can take them to the terrace or the balcony – and let the conversation pick up. You can discuss current affairs or sports; the choices are endless. "Do you watch the debates on national networks?" "Who is your favourite anchor?"

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    Starting and sustaining conversation with the unknown people is an art, there is no doubt about it.

    It may appear a difficult proposition but with a little bit of efforts it can be achieved until unless the person is rude and much reserved and shows no intention of progressing ahead in the talks.

    One has to find out by initial dialogues the taste and interest of that person. Once it is known then the job ahead becomes easier because as soon as that person finds his area of interest he will take the command in his hands and things will go ahead smoothly.

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