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    It's quid pro quo, even in healthcare sector too!!

    Whenever it comes to posting of employees in different government departments, some weightage is always given to people who are close to the ruling dispensation. This practice is followed everywhere and even premier hospitals are not spared.

    Few years earlier there was an uproar about how the dialysis of a pet dog was recommended in the same ward, where humans undergo dialysis at a premier state run hospital in Kolkata. The director of the hospital recommended the procedure at the behest of a leader of the ruling dispensation. After the incident, because of much hue and cry among the public, the director was shunted out to an inferior post of another hospital. Now the former director is back as Director of Medical Education. Surely it's a reward for him.

    In 2011, a major fire broke out at AMRI Hospitals, Kolkata where more than 90 people were chocked to death due to the utter negligence of the hospital authorities. The hospital was run by a business group with extraordinary political influence, but the license of the hospital was cancelled by the ruling TMC government, who came to power few months before this ghastly incident. Later on, this cancellation of license was turned out to be an eye wash and the hospital was re-opened after two years under the aegis of the same group.

    The above two incidents clearly show the healthcare system of West Bengal in a nutshell. When the healthcare system will come out of political clutch? Is it at all possible?
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    Rightly said. The quid pro quo is prevalent in every sector and politicians are the main culprits who take the situation to their stride and enjoy. But unfortunately the politicians are not aware that there are investigating agencies which can bring the real truth to the fore and that is the reason being so what ever favors the YSR son Jagan Mohan Reddy has been received in quid pro quo the CBI has traced the same and under the leadership of Lakshminarayana, the YSR congress party leader was arrested and still the case is running and not only lost all the money and also considerably damaged his name and fame.
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    It is not restricted only to health care but also in many other disciplines also. The political interference in all the government-run institutes is a very common phenomenon these days. The Political leaders, especially from the ruling party, will interfere in almost all the activities and the officers will also try to take the advantages of their own benefits following the footsteps of these politicians. Ultimately the common man will suffer.
    In Andhra Pradesh, the medical treatment to white card holders under Arogya Sree scheme will get free medicines. The followers of MPs and MLAs arrange these white cards to all their followers even though their income is more. They enjoy the benefit and the needy fellows may even not know that there is a scheme like this for their benefit. Same is the case with free houses to needy.

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