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    That last smile still lingers in my mind..

    Today happens to be the fifth death anniversary day of my mother. She left us on 25th July 2013.
    She was suffering from old age diseases. She was almost bedridden for about four to five months. She was with my younger brother during the last days.
    She could take hard foods, only liquid form foods were given. Medical checkups were frequently done. Doctors advised not to take her to hospital. It was the natural weakness due to old age (91 years). If taken she will be admitted in ICU. That meant the curtailing of sons' freedom.
    On the last day all the sons with their family gathered there, since doctor advised the presence of one person with her.
    By evening cleaning of her body and changing the dresses were done. After that we all stood in front of her. My brother told her that all her children were in front of her. She just moved her eyes slowly against each of us but without any expression. Then I told her my grand child is there near her. She slowly looked at the child and slightly smiled. Immediate that smiling vanished. Then started breathing with difficulty. This continued till everything stopped. This last smile, seeing my grand daughter, was her last action. This smile of my mother stamped in my mind forever. Today on that date, again the smile comes in front of my eyes. I can never forget it !!
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    A very sentimental thread by the author depicting the last smile of his mother after seeing the grandchild.

    This shows how much we are concerned and attached to the younger generations. The love and affection for them. Even at the death bed the person is able to recognise his younger generation.

    The author has narrated the memories of his mother in a very affectionate and loveable manner.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes when the elders die in front of us , that moment cannot be forgotten and remains as the memory for ever. In your case, the doctor has rightly advised and all your family members also followed his advise and made arrangements so that every member of the family were present when your mother breath the last. Such kind of arrangements cannot be done by every one, as often we were wrongly advised by the doctors and relative to shift the patient to the hospital so that they can recover and survive for more. But for the ageing person, they are confronted with many diseases from inside which they cannot express nor we could able to understand. What I feel that when we know a patient is going to die for sure, let us allow him or her to fulfill all the pending wishes , so that they can die with satisfaction and full peace.
    K Mohan
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    Just before her last journey, she could see the next three generations in front of her. It gives her immense satisfaction. She smiled and blessed all her family members before commencing her last journey.
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    I had teary-eyed moments on reading this thread as it brought back very sad memories. I would have liked to have such nice sweet smiles as my memories of my beloved parents in their final moments just before they each went to their resting place. The pain of it all, what they went through, still lingers...
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    A very personal thread about coming to terms with loss of a loved ones with some good memories. We all chase many materialistic things in life which ironically in itself is uncertain when compared to death that is assured. Only the memories, good deeds stay on with family and friends.

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    A touching post by the author. Really it is her greatness that she can have the three next generations before her when she is going take permanent rest. These memories will be lost long in our lives.
    always confident

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