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    A modern haunted house in Kolkata

    Whenever we say haunted house, we think about old, dilapidated building or mansion of the ancient period. We also think about burning ghats or cemeteries, but we never think about modern building. But now I am going to mention a modern house in Kolkata which is well-known as a haunted place.

    The Wipro Office located at Salt Lake (Bidhan Nagar) has recently been famous(!) for the presence of spirits in the building. The building is stated to be on a graveyard and spirits roam freely in this building. Employees working in the night shift are extremely hesitant to go to the washroom alone or use the lift without a companion. Many of them have felt the presence of the unknown, the unseen at night.

    So, if you get an appointment letter to work in any of the offices located in this building, be careful at night.
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    The mention of haunted house always works as a reminder of the ghost stories we used to read during childhood. I still enjoy reading these type of stories. A friend of mine used to work in Wipro few years earlier and thank god he left and presently out of the state. If I get time, I will ask him whether he experienced anything like this while working there.

    Few years earlier there was a ghost scare at Lady Brabourne Hostel in Kolkata and later on it was found some creatures were disturbing them at night. Let's see, how this incident turns out within the next couple of days.


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    Mr. Bhattacharya, this is not a single incident. The employees working in the night shift have felt the presence of one or many unknown(s) in the building, especially in the elevators and in the washrooms.
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    The author has brought in this unusual news, many may not accept and even ready to take challenge to prove it wrong. And by the way where are those energetic and ever accepting challenge party called Communists who wont believe all this ? But one thing is sure, the graveyard is the place for the peaceful existence of the departed souls and one should not go to the extent of removing the graveyard and pave way to construct a building. And when they building was under construction, did they face such haunting situation ? Only the construction company workers and the government can respond.?
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    Such paranormal activities can neither be proven nor disputed. If one looks at a rapidly growing city that has burst its seams long back, there would be many buildings on old graveyards. One needs to take things as per their outlook and beliefs.

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    These days in many places in many cities the graveyards are converted to some other utilities. In Hyderabad near Moulaali, a very famous Kalyana Mandapam was built on a graveyard. But the building has become very famous and they have expanded like anything and now there is a convention centre also. Many people don't know that the area was a graveyard once upon a time.
    I don't have any idea about the spirits roaming freely. But my uncle ( Father's brother) narrated an incident he experienced with these spirits which made me believe the existence of these spirits.

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