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    As an educated voter do you think of his/her personal life before voting a political member?

    When you vote in Elections before voting a particular political party member do you think of his personal life like he has no ethics, bad attitude, married thrice or four times and divorce, polygamy, minted money, consumes alcohol and chain smoker like that? Are these factors really influence a person not to vote him/her? Do you think personal life really matter for a political member? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    In fact a voter is not at all a deciding factor as to who shall stand for which party. The so called list of candidates along with the symbols kept at the venue of poling booth should also clarify the antecedents of the candidate. Because every candidate is giving full information about them and as a voter we have the right to know the characters of the each candidate. But unfortunately we have been robed of our votes out of so called candidates and seeing the popularity of the party and its tall promises we tend to elect a hopeless person, who never cared us in the past and no hopes for the future.
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    One clarification that Political member may also be the founder of that party. Now you answer...
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    We all have been carried away with the overall impression of any political party. Like for BJP it's PM Modi & for Congress party, it's a Sonia or Rahul Gandhi & simultaneously will be the case with others. In addition, we do concern with the past of the political parties too. But on the other hand, many of us have dedicated ourselves to any one of the political parties.

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    Yes. I will definitely see the individuals credentials before I vote, even though the candidate is from a party which I like. I will give equal importance to the party and to the candidate. Even though the party may be very good but the candidate is not worth it is not advisable to vote for that candidate. At the same time, the candidate may be good but the party is not of the required qualities then also it is not useful. So we should see both the issues equally.
    If the founder of the party is not having any ethics and a good attitude, his party will also be in the same way. In such case, we can't expect a candidate to do good even though by nature he is good. So thinking of that party and voting to a candidate of that party is of no use. These days many such parties are there wherein the founder himself is a notorious man and he is having followers of same nature. I personally feel that we should be away from such parties.

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    If credentials of that member is available, then I will surely look into it. The question is whether it is available in public or not. There is a rule to declare all the assets and personal details of a candidate while submitting the nomination paper, but it remains with the EC only. In our country people vote for a candidate of her/his choice and never think of the candidate's background, otherwise there wouldn't be so many legislators with alleged malpractices, in the house.

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