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    How you make my a 5 year old understand about blogging and ISC?

    Hi all, Today I am just curious to know that how member's of ISC make a small child of 5 years old understand about blogging and ISC? As we all know that internet becomes one of the fast as well as huge medium to get any kind of information easily without much effort. Blogging and ISC is one medium where people write their thoughts, experiences and knowledge to share with the world. So what would be the easy and simple way we can convey to 5 year old about blogging and ISC?
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    Perhaps the ISC could come up with verbal communication not requiring the keyboards so as to make easier for that age group to work on the computers. This seems less possible because to some extent the technology has made possible in the mobile software as well wherein we can now search through with just pronouncing the words.

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    I never prefer to teach a 5-year-old kid about the internet, blogging and smartphones. I feel it is not necessary for the kid at that age. A kid of 5 years old may not completely understand the word and alphabets. For such a kid is it necessary?
    My preference will be to tell him some stories, words, poems and writing alphabets and small words rather than going for smartphones and computers.

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    I think five year old child is too young to be exposed with internet and blogging. Instead you can make aware the child all the intricacies of the nature. Take into the ground , play on the grass, touch the trees and plants , feel the flowers. All this would bring him or her the belonging to the nature and that will help the child to conserve the nature in future. Why I am against the blogging and ISC at five year because, it would too childish to introduce those topics which are basically targeted to students and adults and the child has no role to play or respond. So as a responsible parent desist from such acts.
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    Is their any particular reason to tax the brain of a kid of 5 years? I do agree that people share knowledge and express their thoughts in ISC and different blogs, but what kind of thoughts do you expect of a child that has to be shared publicly? I am not at all saying that ISC or blogging is for adults, but everything has a time of its own and the kids nowadays are smart enough to learn things much faster.

    Many research has shown that exposure to radiations from smartphones and the likes affect the tender ones since their brain is at developmental stage, so it is recommended not to allow a child to play with these smart devices for a long time. I never tried to hurt the author of this thread in any way, I just want the children to flourish in their own way. Let them sing, dance and play a little more by keeping them out of these complicated gadgets.


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    I do not think the query is about getting a 5-year-old to actually start blogging or check out ISC. The discussion to be elicited is the manner in which to make the child understand what blogging is about, what working at ISC is about. The query seems to be raised, perhaps, because the child has asked out of general curiosity what the thread author is doing while on a computer.

    Kids are always keen to know what the adults are doing when they themselves are bored and not having anything interesting to do. They will come up to the table and get inquisitive as to what is going on, what is this work that the parent/relation is constantly doing on the computer? It could be explained in a way that the kid understands. Perhaps you could say that, like writing on paper, you are writing on a page on the screen, that, like a book or a diary, you have created one which is called a blog where you put your ideas, thoughts and general information. You can explain ISC as a place where information is given by people who join as members, just as many people write for a magazine. You can talk about the forum as a place where people talk about things, just like how people have conversations in actual life. The child's curiosity should be vetted in a way that you can convey the information in a sensible way with simple words and easy language. The child may pick up vocabulary, too, this way, such as "blog" or "website".

    I see no harm in exposing a kid to such information. If you avoid, then likely the child will think it is something wrong or not to be known by a small child and the child may even get some incorrect impression. What is wrong in explaining to a child about the legitimate work you do?

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