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    Mission Impossible 6 Fallout (This is about movie)

    I am an action movie lover, try to spend time on those movies which are truly entertaining. Mission Impossible series is a kind of movie, I wait for.

    However, my main aim to post this thread is once again M: I series movie is not allowed to shoot in India. Last time the movie Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, about to shoot in Mumbai but it was not allowed then. In that movie, the Mumbai scene was shot in another country. In this M: I 6 Fallout, the actor Tom Cruise wanted to shoot a helicopter scene in Kashmir but again it was not allowed for security reason. However, the actor is so eager to shoot his movie in India and looking after for it in the future.

    M: I-6 Fallout is releasing tomorrow and I am waiting to watch it again.
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    Seems I am the only Man in the ISC........... who love action movies.

    However, I am here because I have seen this movie yesterday and as always fully entertained myself. Some scenes are actually done by the actor Tom Cruise like skydiving and jumping from one building to other. A must watch movie for those who like the action movie.

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