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    D for Defense, A for Allegations, but what about National Security?

    The opposition is trying to corner the government on Rafale deal, before this, during the tenure of UPA, the VVIP Chopper scam took place, there was Tatra tucks scam, Scorpene-class submarine deals, Coffin scam, Barak Missile scam, Bofors scam, which was one of the key reasons for the loss of the Congress government in 1989 elections.The politicians are so much concerned about own monetary gains that they put the national security in jeopardy. Let's go into little more details about the defense budget allocation scenario.

    The defense expenditure in our country is increasing every year and in one of the reports, it is found that in terms of Defense budget India is among the top 5 nations in the world. After the budget, the army said 68% of its equipments are outdated in terms of technology and the present allocation in defense budget will put a brake on more than 20 ongoing projects. This is really a cause of concern for national security. The government allocated a little more than half the amount the military asked for. Are they not aware of the ongoing projects? May be they have thought it in other way. In all of the scams and allegations of dubious deals, the particular project is stalled for sometime, due to which the cost of each project escalates. It seems the government increases the allotment keeping in mind about the new deals and pays scant regard to the military demand. The National Security Strategy is revised periodically, keeping in mind every aspects. If it is really done in the right way, why the mismatch? Do we have the answer?
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    Yes If D- for Defense , A- for Allegations then N- No care is for National Security. Every time the opposition talks rubbish about the defense deals and defense arms strategy We all know that India has the compulsion to spend more money as part of the Indian National security to which we cannot compromise. Over the period of time ,it has been alleged that the defense deals were always preceded with corruption charges to which some are proved and some are just allegations. So what I suggest that in the interest of the National future defense purchases be made with the leader of the opposition also as one of the signatory to the deals so that no apprehension of any corruption can be cast in future. But for that the ruling party must be broad minded to involve the opposition party leader to that extent.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In India from the Initial days of Independence defence expenditure was more due to the reasons that we all know. Our neighbours Pakistan and China are always against us and trying to occupy our land. For that India has to spend more money on defence. But unfortunately, this area has become a very good avenue for the selfish politicians and that is why much development in India for defence equipment and armaments production was not there in our country. The people in power can make arrangements with foreign companies to get the money deposited in their accounts in Swiss Banks. So the corruption is beyond limit there.
    But now some importance is being given for indigenisation of these items and thus saving a lot of foreign exchange. But it is still in its initial stages.
    Because of these personal interests by the people in the power only, the actual needs of the military is not given importance. I feel this NDA government is trying to see that these old practices will go and military needs will be taken care.

    always confident

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