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    Do you know about Kolam in Tamil or Moggu in Telugu. The Rangoli drawn in front of house ?

    If you walk down for a stroll early in the morning in any part of Tamil Nadu and AP, you will find the house holds cleaning and giving a coat of cow dung mixed clean up in front of their home and then assigning lots time for drawing a pattern of their choice either with Lime powder or Kolam we call it in Tamil or Moggu in Telugu. The designs are so intricately thought and created and when it is made with the dots and powder joining them, it gives a grand looks. There would be competition among the girls as to who would drawn bigger and great design. Have you ever attempted ?
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    In Telugu, it is called 'Muggu' but not 'Moggu'. This is a very well known art for many ladies and even after struggling from early morning to late at night in the household works, they relish in spending some time for this. In Andhra Pradesh during the Dhanurmasam that is from the middle of December to the day of Pongal, all the ladies will enjoy making these rangolis before their houses and enjoy. Now with the advent of these smartphones and WhatsApp, many of them are taking photos on their smartphones after finishing their drawing and sending to their friends and relatives to get likes and good comments.
    These Rangolis will give a very decent look to the house and people will have a look at it and relish when they are entering the house. My wife, my sisters, sisters in law, daughters in law and others will share their arts with each other through their WhatsApp groups and enjoy.

    always confident

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    Making Kolam/ Rangoli in front of the houses are seen in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and in certain other parts. In Kerala also this can be seen in front of Tamil speaking Brahmins or such other communities. As mentioned after bath, women of the house clean a portion of the front yard and cow dung, diluted with water, will be sprayed. Above this small area different art forms are drawn using the rice powder and manjal powder (curcumin). Rice powder is mainly used.
    Such drawings in front of the house are considered very auspicious and those who do believe that "Sree's" (good things) present will be there. This will serve as an indicator to know about the community of those living in
    the house.


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    Actually in olden days the rangoli were done with the rice powder which became food for ants as we were in the thought of feeding ants as well decorating the entrance of house. Later some sort of powder came into the market for the rangoli powder and some colors have come in market.

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    In Telugu, it is called muggu or rangavalli. Now a days, muggu has become just a decoration in front of the house to relish the guests. Muggu is a tradition that is followed from olden days.

    It is said that muggu is the appearance of Godess Lakshmidevi and it is compulsory to draw muggu in front of the house every day. There are also some conditions followed to draw muggu as per the traditions.

    It is said that the way we draw the muggu also indicates the situation in the house.

    Recently, my mother-in-law had come to stay with us for few days as we away from our home town. She questioned me, "how can you go without a muggu infront of the house? You cannot leave it without muggu".

    I never thought of drawing muggu as we stay in first floor and a very narrow space in front of the house.

    During her stay with us, everyday evening she used to ask me play only devotional channels as she it is her interest. In that, I saw a guruji speaking about muggu.

    This is when I learned how important it is to draw muggu as per Hindu tradition. It is also said that if there is no muggu in front of the house, it indicates that there is a death in the house. From then, I started drawing muggu everyday.

    The traditions seem to be just superstitious in these days but as per my understanding it is not just a decoration with colors but a good tradition to be followed.

    There are a lot of reasons behind everything the elders say. It is good to follow them.

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