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    Monsoon is the festival of greenery

    It has been raining in Delhi since yesterday night. Although to me it is nothing but a light drizzle, for the Delhiwallas (and also for the -wallis), it is medium to heavy rain. The rain has been continuing throughout the day. Just now I have returned from my office. While entering my residence, I looked towards the grass in front of our residence. It is lush, exuberant green. It looks like a green carpet. The leaves of the trees and plants in my block display various shades of green; some dark green, some light green. Even the parakeets chirping on the giant mango tree beside our residence are green and perfectly fit in the green environment.

    I feel that a festival of greenery has begun since yesterday. This is very soothing to the eyes. Maybe to celebrate this festival, my wife is cooking two different curries of two different green vegetables.
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    Yes. It is true. The festival of greenery has started. The rains in Hyderabad are also good so far this year. The flower plants in front and backyard of my house started giving more flowers. I am very happy to see these flowers and greenery whenever I go out and come in. I am getting more flowers in the morning for my Puja also. After experiencing a heavy heat during the summer of this year, these rains brought some freshness and happiness to all of us. A most welcome feature and I hope we will have better rains and the farmer of the country will be happy by getting good returns for their hard work and greenery will sustain for long.
    always confident

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    The effect of rain is really mesmerising. The barren lands are all covered with a thin carpet of grass and small plants which have emerged out of the soil in no time are an eye pleasing sight.

    It is a great synchronisation of these hidden seeds in the Earth that as soon as the rain water touches them they come out of the soil with fierce intensity.

    Rain is a time to celebrate the nature at its best. Though at times the heavy deluge brings destruction and loss of property but still it is the one thing which is being desperately wanted by many of us every year at this time.

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    Yes Monsoon brings greenery around and in fact the plants gets new lease of life which they sustain the whole year. It is good to see green grass, blooming flowers and fresh leaves totally cleaned up with continued drizzle. In can understand the enjoyment of the Delhi people as they are either too disturbed with dust storm, pollution and this drizzle would surely change the climate and the mood of the people. This is the time for every government to initiate planting of saplings for the future generation. Like in Telangana, 4 crore saplings are to be planted in this week under the Haritha Haram program and I bet soon we will over take the garden city tag which was either to given to Bengaluru and Hyderabad would be adjudged as the most greenery metro of the country to which we all are contributing to plant the saplings where ever open spaces are available.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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