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    Does division of a state really help the people?

    We have had many discussions about how the division of the old AP has left one state richer and another poorer.

    In Karnataka, there is a call for a bandh protest to press the demand for a separate North Karnataka state for 13 districts. The reasons are alleged neglect, lack of fund allocation for development etc.

    A few days back, there was a similar suggestion from an MP to divide UP into four states. Here the reasons given are the sheer size of the state, the obvious difference in infrastructure and other development programs for the people.

    Apart from political reasons, does division of a State actually help the people or just duplicates the administrative work and adds on to the expenditure of the state exchequer?
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    Yes I too feel that this is time to create small states as the population and the aspirations of the people has grown and given the situation with huge populations, the big states are unable to cater to the needs of all the regions in their own state and thus dissent voice has been erupting. For example over the decades the North Telangana region were completely ignored and neglected and that brought drought situation every year and thus sustained agitation for Telangana was formed and today we see over all development of the new state with so many small districts formed and giving sweeping powers, funds for their local development. Now the public need not run to Hyderabad for every reason and thing, they get everything in their own district head quarters, thanks to integrated administration in one block which has been initiated in all the districts and that paved for over all development in these four years.
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    Dividing a state further in parts will be beneficial for those parts or not is a question of great debate. However, one thing is very sure that some of the local leaders are benefited with this division as a new post of Chief Minister along with all other Ministers and associated paraphernalia is created with the inception of the smaller state.

    That is a great motivational force and incentive as in todays tough times these people will be getting such respectful and honourable jobs. This is the one reason which comes to our mind immediately though there could be a number of pros and cons of dividing a state in smaller parts.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I feel it is only to create a political rehabilitation for some of the leaders. The present CM of Telangana was a great admirer of NTR and he was an MLA in that party. He was the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly of united AP at that time. When Babu became the CM of the State, KCR expected a Ministership to him. But Babu has not considered him for that. Because of this incident, only KCR started separate Telangana issue and YSR managed to keep him under control. But afterwards, he was not controlled by other CMs and Sonia Gandhi with a miscalculation thinking that they will get MP seats from Telangana gone ahead with the division.
    Because of such reasons only the separate state requests will start. Now we feel Telangana is having more money. But they are also borrowing money. I have not seen any difference before and after division in Telangana. So small states may not be required as the overheads will become very high.

    always confident

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    I don't think that anything creating new when there is the division of state apart from some selfish wishes. Just the name gets the change to fulfill some people agenda. It just divides into two and nothing else. Yes, the politics get changes and so the self-interest of the political parties.

    The British have left India long back but the Divide and Rule policy are what some people are still carrying to be in the power. No one but some section of citizen become a fool in the hand of these politicians. After all, some people still have some sycophancy attitude to be in the powerful people side so they stand with them for their self-interest and. force others too to follow them. This is what is happening everywhere, unless and until some people will stand by such corrupt politicians and people, nothing going to change. We the so-called educated people will stay at home and keep complaining to the higher people but when the time comes to speak, we keep mum on almost everything.

    This country and the people are the slaves in the hand of powerful people and it will be the same if you keep silent on some really serious issue like dividing the state, zone, and its people. We can only watch it from outside but have no guts to protest.

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    Good replies, although there seems to be some benefits and ease of administration from the people's view point, often the true reasons behind would be vested interests who duplicate the power and add to the confusion and the expenditure of the state.

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    If the PM office can address the whole nation through video conferencing, can take the decisions as well as receive the feedbacks & at the same time continue with the follow-ups so as to get the status updates, don't we feel that the technology has made the things easier in order to meet up with the complications & at the same time meeting to the expectations. In this hi-tech world & within a nation boundary if we shows our inability to arrange the things in a correct way then the high level posts doesn't require their services & they should get retired on their own accord. Based on the different location ns of the world, one company is doing a good performance while facing the tough competition from others. The individuals must be aware of the reasons of so & need to take care of the appropriate actions when required.

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    The PM office is not the authoritarian to reveal what ever sops or the funds released to the states. Some states are getting the largess , just because it is towing the idea and schemes of central government in full. Some states are not getting even their eligible funds for obvious reasons. During the Congress regime too, NTR who was the CM in AP was virtually begging for every fund and he wont get. But Modi government is not that bad. They are developing and giving funds to WB, Kerala and even Odisha , even though BJP is not getting the required support from the government nor the acknowledgements from them.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The bigger states will have a better chance to voice their problems in the Parliament and these states will only have a strong voice in forming the government in the centre also. When AP was undivided the number of MPs from the state was 42. When the whole country went against Congress(Indira), only AP gave her 41 MPs. But now the importance has gone down. There is no good response to the question of MPs from these two states in the Parliament and all their wants are not given any hearing also.
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